How COVID-19 changed earned media and PR

Throughout the pandemic, brands have relied heavily on earned media to get their messages heard. What has changed in comms and PR?
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Newspaper Earned Media PR
christophe dickes

Global Copyright Director & Strategic Projects Manager, Media Division

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COVID-19 has changed the world in many ways, not least how media is used by consumers and brands. While advertising budgets are under scrutiny, earned media has been relied upon more than ever to help brands – and governments – get their messages to their audiences.

But while earned media has enjoyed a surge of reliance and attention, it hasn't come without its challenges. Now more than ever it's critical that related activity is measured in order to prove its value and contribution to business reputation and growth.

In this report we explore:

  • How consumption of different media channels has changed since COVID-19
  • Which channels consumers trust for reliable information
  • How the pandemic has sped up the digital transition of media
  • How resilient print media is in the current climate
  • The importance of values in communication
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