Governments and COVID-19: The citizen perspective in the G7 nations

A webinar series delving into our research across the G7: looking at how people are feeling about COVID-19 and their governments' responses.
01 June 2020
G7 study webinars
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8 June: Governments and COVID-19 Update 3: the G7 citizen perspective on the ‘new normal’

As the world battles the ongoing challenges from the Coronavirus crisis, with governments planning their transition to the ‘new normal’, Kantar is monitoring the impact the pandemic is having on people’s lives, personal finances and outlook on the future.

During this webinar, Dr Michelle Harrison will share new insights from the latest wave of our G7 Citizen Impact study. These include, among other topics, how people view:

  • the impact of COVID-19 on their country
  • their government’s communications and actions
  • the gradual lifting of the lockdown measures
  • their return to their workplace
  • the use of COVID-19 contact-tracing apps

This session features Mr Enrico Letta, former Prime Minister of Italy and President of the Jacques Delors Institute, who will join Michelle Harrison to discuss these latest findings and their implications for society and governments.

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20 April: Governments and COVID-19 Update 2: Understanding the citizen perspective in the G7 nations

The first to assess COVID-19's economic impact on both individuals and households, this study also looks at how people view their government’s communications and actions.

In this webinar, Dr Michelle Harrison, Global CEO for Kantar’s Public Division, reveals key findings from the second wave of our study. She focuses on how society's responses to this period of uncertainty are evolving over time – as well as assessing the perceived long-term impacts on people's lives and on the national economy across the G7 nations.

This session features Christy Tanner, Executive Vice President of CBS News Digital, who provides her perspective on the study findings and implications for governments, society and households

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26 March: Governments and COVID-19: Understanding the citizen perspective in the G7 nations

As the world faces an unprecedented health crisis, what impact is the Covid-19 pandemic having on people’s lives and personal finances? And what is their perception of their national government’s response?

We talked with 7,000 people in the G7 nations to provide the latest insights on how society is perceiving and reacting in this period of uncertainty, including:

  • Their perception of government communications about coronavirus;
  • Their view of the ability of their country’s public services to cope with the pandemic;
  • The perceived effectiveness of their government’s interventions to contain the virus;
  • The impact of the pandemic on their personal and household finances;
  • Their personal behaviour changes in response to the virus;
  • Their most trusted source of information

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