Opportunity for FMCG brands as retailers take stock post lockdown

A new report uncovers how brands and manufacturers can address UK consumers’ changing wants and needs to justify their place on the supermarket shelf.
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Andrew Walker

Director, Client Knowledge, Worldpanel Division, UK

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While consumer habits will always evolve, the extraordinary events of this year have shown just how disruptive a sudden change in shopper behaviour can be. The huge increase in demand for groceries prompted by the pandemic saw retailers rally to feed the nation. The grocers are now taking stock, reassessing their priorities and looking to streamline operations. For brands and private label suppliers alike, that means a renewed opportunity to develop new products, exploit emerging gaps in the market and justify their place on the supermarket shelf. 

Winning over retailers, leading the category and attracting shoppers

Our new paper, Changing Consumer Choices, sets out how exactly businesses can do that. An attractive offer is not enough – brands need to show retailers how choosing to stock their product will address consumers’ changing wants and needs and lead to a wider uplift in sales.

With change comes opportunity

Given pressures on the UK economy and comparison with the record highs of this year, growth may prove harder to come by in 2021. There are opportunities for brands to innovate and expand but getting listed in stores requires a compelling commercial argument for retailers. Getting the consumer offer right, as well as showing awareness of a retailer’s strategy and how they fit, is essential in the context of a rapidly changing retail landscape.

Read the paper by clicking below and join the webinar at 3pm on Wednesday 9 December where Andrew Walker, Client Knowledge Director in the Worldpanel Division, will take you through the key findings of the report. You can watch the webinar on demand at any time afterwards.

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