Future Proof: How will radio and out-of-home advertising evolve?

We speak to Oliver Deane, Director of Commercial Outdoor & DAX at Global, about the changing world of radio and OOH.
01 February 2021
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EVP Global Thought Leadership, Kantar

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People listened to more radio during 2020, especially during periods of lockdown. Confined to our homes, we also saw less outdoor advertising. How did brands and media owners deal with the scenario, and make the most of a difficult situation? Oliver Deane, Director of Commercial Outdoor & DAX (Digital Advertising Exchange) at Global, the Media and Entertainment group, tells us what they have seen. He explains how listener behaviour and attitudes have changed, and how radio, OOH, and advertisers have adapted to the challenges of COVID-19. He discusses the rise of digital out-of-home advertising, and the various benefits of this format – along with some examples of how brands are taking advantage of its flexibility. 

*Digital listening uplift in 2020 refers to when the UK went into lockdown, 23 March to 31 Dec for 2020 vs. 23 March to 31 Dec 2019 (from Global’s Data Platform, AudienceOne). 

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