KFC customers: the power of difference

Data from our Great Britain TGI study of consumer behaviour reveals regular KFC customers are profoundly different from those who frequently visit other chicken outlets.
21 February 2018
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KFC customers may be locked out of their preferred chicken restaurant in many parts of the country, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will be popping into that fast food chicken rival down the road.

KFC customers have more progressive attitudes

Those who regularly visit other chicken outlets are more likely than KFC customers to like standing out, playing video games and be interested in financial services advertising. However, regular KFC customers are more likely to hold rather more progressive views in a number of areas.

For example they are significantly less likely to believe that there is too much concern with the environment (26% agree with this notion, compared to 34% of users of other chicken outlets) and less likely to be willing to sacrifice family time in the name of work (24% would willingly do this, compared to 39% of other chicken restaurant customers). They also show a greater spirit of adventure, being less inclined to go for holidays where the activities are pre-organised for them.

KFC customers less youth-focussed and London-concentrated than those of other fast food chicken restaurants

Regular users of other chicken fast food outlets are more likely than KFC customers to be young with no ties, but are less likely than KFC customers to be at the older end of the age scale. 7% of KFC customers are in the ‘Flown the Nest’ TGI lifestage group (aged 15-34, not married or living as couple and do not live with relations), compared to 11% of users of other fast food chicken outlets. Conversely, 7% of KFC customers are ‘Empty Nesters’ (aged 55+, married/living as a couple, do not live with relations) compared to 3% of other chicken fast food outlet users.

London is a particular focal point for users of other chicken fast food outlet customers, whereas KFC’s customer base is more evenly distributed. 15% of regular KFC customers are London-based, compared to 38% of other chicken fast food restaurant users. On the other hand, 15% of KFC customers live in the South East, compared to just 9% of customers of other chicken outlets.

Users of other fast food chicken restaurants are also more likely to have been involved in certain key life events in the past year such as moving house or switching jobs. For example, 10% of them have changed job in the past year vs 7% of KFC customers.

KFC customers less likely to go elsewhere for their chicken

Finally, if we look at how likely KFC customers are to regularly visit other fast food chicken outlets and vice versa, we find that only 5% of KFC customers do so, whilst 29% of those who use other chicken restaurants regularly go to KFC.

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