How to build one demand team

Marketing and Sales collaboration is a key building block for growth – but is your company’s strategic capability laying down a framework for success?
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How to drive Marketing & Sales integration

Whether Marketing and Sales should be merged into one is a popular discussion area and one that is unlikely to go away any time soon.

Aligned Marketing and Sales teams deliver faster growth rates and more rapid profit growth, and the emergence of the role of Chief Commercial Officer is a structural attempt to bring these two traditionally separate entities together.

Overperforming companies are far more likely to have Marketing and Sales departments that are able to work together in a collaborative way (66%), than their underperforming counterparts (38%). (source: Initiative for Real Growth – IRG study, partnered by Kantar)

But just a fraction of these companies actually have the role of a Chief Commercial Officer.

What over-performers have in common is focus on building the right operating model to enable the most effective marketing and sales collaboration. Marketing & Sales take the lead [CK] in jointly defining the path to growth from strategy to activation level with the end result of a seamless and engaging customer experience.

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