Future Proof: Does conversational AI give us better insights?

We speak to innovation specialists at Kantar to understand the role of chatbots in research, and why they deliver.
11 May 2020
chat chatbot conversational AI
Tara Prabhakar

Global Director of Qualitative, Insights Division

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How much would you tell a chatbot? Tara Prabhakar interviews David Wright and Karlien Kriegler, innovation specialists at Kantar, about the work they’ve been doing around conversational AI and the fascinating results of some client projects in this space. Describing the (fast) evolution of chatbots, David and Karlien explain how new approaches to research – featuring chat, AI, natural language processing and some human insight – can bring together the best of qualitative and quantitative research methods, and gives us richer insights into consumer behaviour, sentiment and reasoning. What’s the right persona? Why does context matter? How do you get the right balance of friendly and probing? And what’s next?

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