Future Proof: How did BlackRock find its purpose?

BlackRock CMO Frank Cooper III discusses how to discover your purpose, and how to close the gap between intentions and actions.
02 November 2020
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Dr Nicki

Head of Behavioural Science and Innovation Expertise, Kantar Insights, UK

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If you think your business doesn’t need a purpose, you are wrong. Customers (and top talent) expect companies to advance society and make the community stronger – to have a purpose that transcends profits. But you don’t have to singlehandedly change the world.

According to CMO Frank Cooper III, BlackRock found its purpose through listening to employees, and understanding what defined “BlackRock at its best.” By looking inward, rather than outward, they were able to come up with a purpose people could connect with... and find myriad ways to act on it. Sustainable investing, for example, is now a central pillar of their operating model.

In this episode, Frank tells us about the BlackRock journey, how you can find your purpose as an employee, and some of the ways to bring environment and sustainability into the heart of a business.

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