Future Proof: Why is Spotify getting into podcasts?

And why should marketers lean into audio? We speak to Spotify’s Danielle Lee in Cannes.
28 July 2019
Mobile Spotify

EVP Global Thought Leadership, Kantar

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The Culture Next global trends report from Spotify explains how younger audiences are changing – experiencing screen exhaustion and re-evaluating their relationship with digital media, they are moving to new channels and expecting new, personalised but connected experiences. With these trends and the ubiquity and innovation in audio, says Danielle Lee (Global Vice President, Partner Solutions at Spotify), it is a perfect time for agencies and brands to consider getting creative on platforms like Spotify. But how do they do that? What does good look like? And why is Spotify launching Spotify Originals (and signing deals with the Obamas), to capitalise on a growing interest in longer form podcast content? Find out.

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