Winning the supermarket war

Understand what shoppers want at the shelf... and what they’ll do if what they want is gone.
25 April 2019
supermarket shelves
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Innovation through technology plays an important role in helping retailers and suppliers uncover fresh, new insights that lead to basket building opportunities. Scalable technology makes the path to innovation easy, and cost effective too. The BBC series Supermarket Secrets with Gregg Wallace and Nikki Fox explores how retailers and suppliers are keeping their shoppers happy, and coming back to the store through the use of innovative technology solutions.

In the latest episode of Supermarket Secrets our leader in VR shopper technology and Chief Transformation Officer, Cédric Guyot, shares how retailers and suppliers can better understand what shoppers want at the shelf. And, how they can begin to understand what shoppers will do when what they want is gone.

Through virtual reality, you can build and test any scenario, in-store, in minutes. Have shoppers shop for specific occasions, then change the scenario to see how the changed scenario affects their decision to buy or walk away. Guyot explains, “Understanding substitutability, what shoppers do when they can’t find what they want, leads to insights that can help you build new categories and bigger baskets.” With retail-specific insights in hand, brands and retailers can more accurately shape the shelf and store to meet evolving shopper demands. Viewers in the UK can watch Cédric talk more about building a more perfect shelf through VR here.

Virtual Stores help deliver commercial success for less. By leveraging the iterative properties of virtual stores category developers can test and create more concepts, faster for key retail partners. With over 130+ branded retail virtual environments, and zero barriers to entry, there is no limit to innovation.

Watch how transformation of a Carrefour Supermarket store can lead you to innovation and help give you the edge in building a more personalized and productive shopping experience for your shoppers.

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