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Grow your brand with extraordinary creative. Know how your ad will perform, and how to improve it to maximize ROI.

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Identify the campaign idea that will drive growth for your brand, then develop and nurture that creative concept through to flawless execution. Get the right insights, quickly, at each step of the development process and create campaigns that maximize brand impact. 

Key features

Inspiring insights

Combine data and learnings with expert advice to turn insight into effective action.

Trusted solutions

Validated for short term and long term impact, and MASB-certified, LINK+ creative solution is proven to drive sales and brand equity, supported by a database of over 250,000 ads.

Creative and effective

Put creativity to work and develop content that builds your brand in the short and long-term.

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The success of your campaign is underpinned by your creative idea. Does it resonate with your audience? Is it distinctive?

Uncover the human truths that form the foundation of your creative work and build a robust creative platform that will help you develop outstanding content that will drive sales.

Get inspiration for campaign concepts using our Life Streaming ethnographic and observational techniques. Access future-oriented online communities with Think Tank to explore the potential of such creative territories. Develop your creative concepts with our proprietary Pre-Link method, using NeedScope to understand brand positioning. Finally, confirm effectiveness with Link and fine-tune your creative executions with video-enabled Spotlight.

Supported by the largest network of qualitative specialists, experienced in and passionate about creative development, we help you put human and cultural insight at the heart of your campaigns.

Test all forms of advertising with our LINK ad testing suite. Optimize your creative to maximize return on investment and brand impact. See how well your ad performs in areas relating to long- and short-term sales before it goes live; how engaging it is, and how well it builds brand associations and predisposition. Know exactly how to optimize your creative to stand out, create meaningful impressions, maximize success, and increase purchase intent for your brand.

Understand instinctive responses with facial coding (partnering with Affectiva) and speed of response. Combined with survey and behavioral measures this provides the most comprehensive understanding of ad success.

With your results at your fingertips in an intuitive dashboard, you can learn what works well for each channel or format, and what doesn’t, to drive success for your future campaigns.

Supported by the world’s largest database and global experts, we help you make informed decisions to grow your brand with extraordinary creative.

To thrive in today’s connected, fast changing world with more communications and channels than ever before, you need fast intelligence to help you act quickly and make timely decisions.

With LINK+, the new, fast and most flexible solution on the market, get the power to create strong ads that will increase your sales impact and build brand value.

Get actionable insights in as few as 6 hours on Kantar Marketplace, the only on-demand platform with high quality sample, validated solutions and expert consulting.

With our cutting-edge LINK AI solution you can test large volumes of ads with confidence, including competitors' ads, in as little as 15 minutes. And if you are looking to test your online ads, Digital Video AI is the solution for you.

Discover how LINK+ helps you test and optimize throughout the creative lifecycle from storyboard to finished execution, looking only at the KPIs that matter to your campaign.

Link AI
Welcome to the power of LINK AI
Predict creative effectiveness in 15 minutes, with this fully automated AI-powered tool. Now available in more than 60 markets.
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Ad testing on Kantar Marketplace

Evaluate TV, storyboard, digital, print and outdoor advertising with agile ad testing solutions. Make confident, data-driven decisions about what works, how much to spend and how to optimise your creative. 
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