Digital (Dx) Analytics

Maximize your growth opportunities with Dx Analytics by detecting new trends early, and optimizing products and pricing.
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How we help you

Identify category trends faster than humanly possible

Uncover customer and market opportunities using digital data sources, including social media, search, reviews and image.

Move with speed, at scale

Our unique combination of Artificial and Human Intelligence delivers fast insight to capitalize upon.

Innovate across blurring boundaries

Identify novel ideas, brand perceptions and digital performance factors to accelerate business growth.


Explore new ways to deploy technology and talent

Boost your digital presence, expertise and performance in real-time. Upskill your talent and tools.

With our cutting-edge digital analytics, we help our clients use digital data to uncover what others cannot. We look in the right place, at the right time, with the right human and artificial intelligence - to help with product development, detecting consumer needs, forecasting trends, and optimizing digital performance. 

Featured solutions
Fuel your sustainability strategy with this AI-powered trends programme, using leading-edge predictive analytics.
Find out what sustainability issues are most important to your sector, and where you can make an impact.
Finding and nurturing the right idea early, and getting to market fast, is the key to innovation success.