Concept testing

Identify and optimise your highest potential concepts with Concept eValuate.

Available as an automated, serviced-only solution

Bar charts
Bar charts

Develop concepts with consumer appeal. 

Select winning concepts that increase your innovation success rate by up to 50%. Intuitive dashboards provide actionable insight on how your concepts perform and what to improve. 
Concept testing

Prioritise concepts based on incremental growth potential. 

Understand the long-term potential of your innovations by looking at trial, purchase intent and top-line growth metrics, so you know which concepts to move to the next phase of development.

Concept testing

Increase the success rate of your innovations. 

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of different concepts so you know how to take your highest potential concepts to the next level. 

Agile concept testing for rapid innovation 


Fast, yet powerful 

An automated survey process turns around cost-effective, high-quality results. 


Proven methods 

Results are compared against a database of benchmarks using methods proven to improve innovation success rates by 50%.

Results at your fingertips 

Results are available in an interactive dashboard, allowing you to explore your results and review past concept tests. 


Expert support

An expert team will guide you, so you can quickly interpret test results and act with confidence to fine tune concepts. 

How to get started 


Create an account 

Use your Kantar Marketplace account to request studies right when you need them. 


Launch your study 

An expert will contact you to set up your concept test based on your exact needs. 


Get results fast 

View your results in a live dashboard so you can analyse the findings in near real-time. 

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