Machines scoring machines: Exploring AI-Generated Creative in Advertising

In this Future Proof podcast episode, we attempt to answer the crucial question: Could enhanced efficiency be coming at the expense of effectiveness?
03 August 2023
Generative AI in advertising
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What happens when machines score the output of their fellow machines? Join our host, Jane Ostler, as she interviews Ecem Erdem, Global Manager for Creative at Kantar, about our latest research that explores the impact of involving generative AI in the creative process in advertising. Ecem shares insights into how Kantar's Link AI, a creative testing solution powered by AI, assesses the effectiveness of AI-generated ads. Discover the findings from testing ads, either partially or entirely created by GenAI, and their AI-predicted creative potential.

Join the discussion on the future of generative AI in creative ad creation and how it's shaping the advertising landscape, as we attempt to answer the crucial question: could enhanced efficiency be coming at the cost of effectiveness?


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Future Proof is the marketing podcast from Kantar and Saïd Business School, Oxford University. In each episode, we have a frank discussion with industry experts, to help brands and business leaders navigate the changing landscape of marketing, sharing evidence and inspiration for the future.

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