Our GB TGI consumer data is now out monthly and new insights for February released this week reveal how consumers feel about life as we look ahead to leaving lockdowns behind.

So what will be first on the list for us to enjoy once life is more or less back to normal – possibly as early as late June? The short answer is eating and drinking. We asked adults what leisure or cultural activities they were planning to do in the first half of 2021, or as soon as venues open again. The top three comprised going out for a meal in a restaurant, eating or drinking in a café and going for a drink in the pub.

However, many remain worried about taking up old habits once more, with 49% of adults claiming to be very worried that safety measures won’t be followed by everyone, 38% concerned about returning to busy urban areas and over a third worried about not being able to get their money back if something they have booked gets cancelled.

Thus, businesses will need to be very mindful that whilst there may be a surge of pent up demand once they re-open, they will also need to be able to put at ease the many consumers who still have very real reservations about re-embracing life as they once knew it.

Activity plan to do in the first half of 2021 or as soon as venues re-open

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