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Kantar Supplier Record Update
UK & IE - vendors@kantar.com
US & CA - apvendor-namerica@kantar.com

How to update your account details

Kantar stores your supplier record on Coupa as well as in our back-end financial management system. This information is independent of your Coupa Supplier Platform (CSP) profile.

Steps to update your account details:
  • Update your details directly on the Coupa Supplier Platform under Profile>Information request and select 'Kantar'. Please make sure that you are entering in CSP with an account linked to the Kantar profile.
  • As an alternative, email vendors@kantar.com to trigger a Coupa Supplier details update email. Please follow the email instructions and provide all information requested on the form.

Please keep in mind


We cannot get these details from your Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) profile.
Please ensure that both steps are followed and that you complete a new “supplier information form” (SIM) which you will receive after emailing vendors@kantar.com. (PDF/Video)

Failure to inform us of the updates to your details may result in delayed payments or hinder our ability to contact you. 
Kantar Supplier Risk Assessment 
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Policy and contacts 

All suppliers will be required to sign up to Kantar’s Supplier Code of Conduct, which includes confirmation that they follow Modern Slavery and Child Labour compliance clauses. 

All suppliers, new and existing, will be risk assessed by Kantar on a periodic basis and where new goods and services are procured.  

Email us at kantarsupplierrisk@kantar.com for any risk-related queries.

When a Risk Assessment might be requested:

  • If any alerts are raised via Kantar’s risk screening platforms indicating potential risks or non-compliance, suppliers may be asked to provide further assurances related to their financial stability and/or adherence to key compliance areas.  

  • These areas include sanctions, politically exposed persons, adverse media, anti-bribery & corruption and data & cyber security etc.  
Coupa Supplier Portal Setup
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Kantar Guides to Coupa

  • Setting up your entity on CSP (PDF / Video)
  • The basics: Navigating the CSP & creating reports and notifications (PDF/ Video)
  • Interacting with, and getting paid by, Kantar: View & Acknowledge PO, Invoicing & Credit notes (PDF)
  • Invoicing against a legacy PO: Blank Invoice Creation (PDF)
  • Selling your services to Kantar: Hosting your catalogue (PDF / Video)


Official Coupa resources

Watch this short video for an introduction to Coupa and find out more about its features and benefits. Please note, some features and benefits mentioned in the Coupa User guide are disabled in Kantar Coupa Supplier Portal.

There’s also a handy User Guide: Coupa Success Portal that you can refer to at any time. The Coupa Help Pages have useful links to specific processes such as ‘Setting up e-Invoicing’ and ‘creating invoices’.

If you find any issues with your CSP activities with Kantar please contact coupasupplierenablement@kantar.com

Kantar Accounts Payable
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PO Policy and Contacts:


Part of Kantar’s financial controls is to ensure that a valid, approved Purchase Order (PO) is submitted to suppliers before delivering any goods and services.
For information related to Invoice and Payment status please contact Invoicestopay@Kantar.com.

To ensure risk-free transactions and that invoices are processed for payment by Kantar, please make sure to:

  • Always request a Coupa PO from your Kantar business stakeholder prior to commencing work
  • Always use Coupa to invoice your PO.
  • Always invoice in the same currency as stated on your PO

At Kantar, payment due dates are calculated based on the date of invoice submission on the Coupa Supplier Portal. We use the submission date as the starting point for payment calculations, rather than the date stated on the invoice document itself. This approach ensures accurate and timely payment processing, aligning with our internal systems.

Any invoices not conforming to Kantar’s minimum requirements are at risk of being rejected and delaying your payment, so please check with your Kantar stakeholder prior to submission of the invoice.

Frequently asked questions
If you have a query please look through our FAQs, if you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for please drop us an email and we will do our best to help