Kantar now uses Coupa to manage all purchase orders and process supplier invoices for Kantar businesses in the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland.  

Building our future procurement


The FREE Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) is a one stop shop for suppliers to manage purchase orders, invoices and catalogue items. You can log into the Coupa Supplier Portal here.  

If you cannot sign-in to the CSP please email us on coupasupplierenablement@kantar.com 

Amending your details 

Kantar will store and manage your supplier record via Coupa.  

If any of your supplier details change, for example, your payment details or contact details, it’s very important that you update your details on Coupa. Please do not send an email to a contact within Kantar. 

Failure to update your details via Coupa, may result in delayed payments or hinder our ability to contact you. 

If you need to update your supplier record, you should request a new supplier information form (SIM) by contacting: 

A ticket will be raised, and you will receive an automated email and notification from Coupa informing you that you have received the SIM form. The form contains various sections and is used to keep your full supplier record up to date.   

It’s important that you complete all sections, not just the details that have changed. Help on completing the form is available here:   

  • Changing your supplier information: Supplier Information Management (SIM) (PDF / Video)

Kantar resources and support

We have created a number of easy-to-follow tutorials and videos to help you navigate the Coupa Supplier Portal: 

Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP)

  • The basics: Navigating the CSP & creating reports and notifications (PDF/ Video)
  • Interacting with, and getting paid by, Kantar: View & Acknowledge PO, Invoicing & Credit note (PDF / Video)
  • Invoicing against a legacy PO: Blank Invoice Creation
  • Issues with invoicing; Disputed Invoice Processing (PDF)
  • Selling your services to Kantar: Hosting your catalogue (PDF / Video)


Official Coupa resources

Watch this short video for an introduction to Coupa and find out more about it’s features and benefits. Please note, some features and benefits mentioned in the Coupa User guide are disabled in Kantar Coupa supplier Portal. 

CSP Videos - Coupa Success Portal 

There’s also a handy User Guide: Coupa Success Portal that you can refer to any time. The Coupa Help Pages have useful links to specific process such as ‘Setting up e-Invoicing’ and ‘creating invoices’. 

Corporate Governance 

Please see our Corporate Governance page for details of Kantar’s policies on Modern Day Slavery,  Sustainability, Suppliers Code of Conduct etc.

Frequently asked questions
If you have a query please look through our FAQs, if you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for please drop us an email and we will do our best to help