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       Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Webinar Questions

Q: Will Coupa cover all our transactions with different Kantar entities? i.e., projects commissioned directly from say Kantar UK, Kantar Germany or Kantar Greece will be dealt through from Coupa? Or will these entities keep the existing processes they have in place?
Coupa will only cover your transactions with our UK, IRELAND, CANADA and USA entities. For any regions outside of these markets, you should continue transacting as you currently do.

Q: How can we show deviating invoice amounts? The PO sum often does not correspond with the actual costs.
We use 3-way match (PO - Receipt - Invoice) for invoice auto approval in Coupa. If your invoice amount is higher than the PO amount, the invoice will be on hold for review and manual approval in Coupa.

Q: Some suppliers are currently being asked to complete monthly Excel statements confirming open projects and amounts due. Will these emails be discontinued once this system goes live?
Invoices should be raised based on the Purchase Order received. This should reduce the need for backing document, however if you have concerns about this, please reach out to your account manager at Kantar to fully understand the new process applicable to you. 

Q: We have gone through the procurement process many times, each time it has been a very time-consuming process but it has never lead to an increased amount of business.  What can we do to increase it? 
You should reach out to your specific relationship owner at Kantar to discuss this, they should be able to guide you on what steps you may tale. 

Q: Is this going to apply to the Kantar companies we deal within the United Kingdom?
The UK (along with the US, Canada, and Ireland) is part of the Coupa S2P programme, and we would therefore expect you to use Coupa when transacting with Kantar companies in the UK. If you transact with any regions outside of these 4, you should continue to follow your current process. 

Q: Will this new process mean that all bid requests will go through Coupa or the system just for submitting invoices?
All bid requests may not go through Kantar just yet but all invoices to the in-scope regions (UK, IRE, CA, USA) should go through Coupa.

Q: Will the recording of the webinar be available?
The recording will be put on our supplier website and shared with you. Please look out for the follow up email from Kantar Supplier Enablement Team. 

Q: Does this new process includes your foreigner vendors?
Yes, this process includes foreigner vendors who transact with Kantar companies in the UK, Ireland, US and CAN.

Q: When will the suppliers receive the invitation to join the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) 
Suppliers will receive Coupa Supplier Portal joining invite 2-3 weeks before Coupa goes live. Please look out for the future communications from us on that regard.  Before that you will have to join our second webinar at the end of June in order to learn more about the cutover dates. 

Q: Will Coupa decrease the time to approve PO's?
Yes, automatic approval chains have been defined and features that allow PR's to be approved on behalf of OOO colleagues means there will be limited hold up. There are also reminders built in the system.

Q: Will the invoices be in local language?  
They may be in local languages for the in-scope regions. If this is not the case for you, you may attach the invoice generated on your systems in local languages to the Coupa invoice. 

Q: Some suppliers may be working centrally to invoice Kantar globally. Can tax be adjusted to reflect the region that is being invoiced vs. the region the invoice is located in?
Yes, tax options will default based on the region in which your legal entity is set up. If you invoice from two regions with different tax rules, you may create multiple legal entities that will each have their own tax layout. 

Q: Some suppliers financial systems need to know the entity who will be raising the PO when the project is set up i.e. before PO is received. What if the PO entity is different to that communicated during project briefing?
If the PO information is wrong, you can use the comment section on the PO to send a message to the Kantar user and ask him/her to correct the PO and re-send it. If there is a special requirement in terms of needing some info prior to the PO being raised, this should be discussed and agreed with your relationship owner at Kantar. 

Q: Currently suppliers have been asked for a single contact name. More than one area of the business will require access to for different tasks e.g. acknowledging a PO and invoicing are separate jobs. Will it be possible to get multiple contact roles for our company?
Yes, you will be able to invite other users to your Coupa Supplier Portal account and manage their permissions and access. We will provide trainings on how to manage your CSP account. Please look out for the future communications on trainings. 

Q: When should supplier upload the invoice in the process as there is only one attachment uploader. 
Uploading your invoice is not required, the Coupa invoice itself acts as the legal invoice. You may invoice multiple times against a single PO using the same button if you wish to partially invoice. 

Q: Does supplier has to set up multiple Kantar companies in the system to match addresses and Kantar names to the PO?
No. The PO will have these details, when you click on ‘Create Invoice’, these details are automatically mapped back to your invoice. This way you are billing the correct entity that the order has come from. 

Q: What happens when the amount on the PO does not match the one showing on the supplier's final invoice?
If the invoice amount exceeds the PO amount, the invoice will be on hold for review and approve manually in Coupa. 

Q: Will Coupa be just for suppliers that work with Kantar UK, Ireland, US and Can and not for Kantar in the rest of the world, Spain, for instance.
Incorrect. The supplier can be global, however the move to the Coupa Supplier Portal for invoicing will only happen for Kantar entities in the UK, US, CA and IRE. So, a supplier from Spain should use the CSP to invoice a Kantar entity that belongs to the mentioned 4 regions. 

Q: Some suppliers issue invoices quarterly. The volumes of each line item will change for each invoice based on usage calculations. Will Kantar create the PO based on the volumes we provide before the invoice is issued? How is this process handled?
If the invoice amount is above the PO amount, the invoice will be put on hold to be manually approved. It is best to clarify and agree the process with your relationship owner at Kantar as some may be blanket PO’s and can therefore be invoiced at varying amount against the same PO. 

Q: Does the supplier have to invoice against Kantar’s different legal names or will Coupa now raise POs for all these legal entities?
The PO will have the details of which entity the PO has come from, when you click on ‘Create Invoice’, these details are automatically mapped back to your invoice without manually having to select the correct legal name to bill. 

General Questions

Q: What is Coupa? 
A leading cloud-based e-commerce solution that connects buyers with their suppliers. Coupa will be used to send purchase orders and to receive invoices electronically. 

Q: Why is Kantar implementing Coupa? 
Kantar is implementing Coupa solution to better shape the experience of end users and suppliers. This change will allow us to work with our suppliers in a faster, more efficient manner and with even greater clarity. 

Q: How will Coupa impact the way Kantar works with suppliers? 
To take full advantage of the platform and enable electronic transactions to flow to and from suppliers, selected suppliers will be enabled in Coupa in time for go-live. The Coupa Supplier Portal is a free tool for our suppliers to use and easily do business with Kantar. 

Q: When will Coupa launch at Kantar?
 We plan to launch Coupa in Q3 2022. 

Q: How can I keep up to date on project timelines? 
Latest news and updates on the project will be provided via future newsletters & our supplier website

Q: Can I continue to transact like I do today after the Coupa go live? (e.g. via existing channel)? Coupa will be the only way of transacting with Kantar.
Q: Are suppliers required to sign up with Coupa?
 Yes. By signing up to transact with us via Coupa, you strengthen your relationship with us and benefit from transparency in transaction processes and a seamless, and in some cases, automated interaction with us, therefore improving the efficiency in your operations.

Q: I provide services rather than materials to Kantar. Do I still need to complete the survey? 
 Yes, please complete the survey as normal, as we will still need you to raise service based invoices using Coupa. 

Q: Are all Kantar legal entities going live with Coupa? 
 No, there are some exceptions e.g. Kantar Health. This will be communicated in the future.

Q: Where can suppliers go for training and support on Coupa? 
You will be advised on training & Q&A sessions dates closer to the implementation of Coupa. In the meantime, refer to our supplier website for any upcoming events.

Q: How can I make a correction to the details provided or raise any queries I have? 
Should you need to change information after completing the survey, please email our Supplier Enablement Team at

Q: I have completed the Coupa implementation survey. What’s next? 
Thank you for completing the survey. The information you provided will be used to get your company properly setup to transact with Kantar in our new Coupa platform. Your designated contacts will receive program communications, invitations to Q&A webinars, and details of training sessions closer to the implementation of Coupa.

Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) Questions

 Q: What is the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP)? 
A portal which enables suppliers to receive purchase orders and create invoices electronically. 

Q: What are the key benefits of joining the CSP? 

Key benefits include:

  • Receive purchase orders and create invoices and credit notes electronically
  • Free to use cloud-based system. No installation of hardware or software required 
  • Increased visibility – see the status of transactions, payment status and related documents in one place in real time 
  •  Improve process efficiencies and decrease paperwork – no longer need to print, mail or fax invoices 
  • Standard process = faster authorisations 
  • Update profiles and contact information

 Q: Will we need additional software to use the CSP?
 No additional software is required. Coupa is cloud-based technology. All you will need is an active email account and web browser to access the portal and transact with Kantar. 

Q: How much does it cost to transact with Kantar via the CSP? 
There is no cost for suppliers to use SAN and CSP, however cXML options may have an initial set-up or integration cost.

Q: How do I register for the CSP?
 Our Supplier Enablement Team will send you an invitation closer to Go-live to join the CSP and we will partner with you to ensure a smooth transition to Coupa. 

Q: How long does it take to register for the CSP? 
The registration process takes less than 15 minutes upon receiving the invitation email. Suppliers can expect to receive an invitation email from Kantar in Q3 2022.

Q: I already have a CSP account. What do I need to do to enable Kantar? 
We still need you to fill out the survey so we can set your company up properly in our Coupa platform. Once set up, you will be easily able to link Kantar to your CSP account.

Q: We already have a profile in Coupa which we use for UK orders. Do we need to have a separate profile in order to raise invoices for the Republic of Ireland (Currency & Tax)
 You can have multiple legal entities under one CSP account, and you can set up a separate Irish Legal Entity to invoice Kantar. When you create invoices, you would create using the Irish invoice layout.

Q: Do I need to set-up a CSP account, or will this be done for me?
 Kantar can't set up the CSP account on your behalf, but the registration process takes less than 15 minutes. We'll be providing training materials prior to launch which will take you through the process. You'll then receive an email invitation to join the CSP and once connected with us, you will see Kantar Coupa as the 'latest customer' on your home page.

Q: Does the invoicing platform allow for suppliers who are not VAT registered? 
Yes, suppliers without a VAT registration number will have the ability to transact via the Coupa Supplier Portal

Q: Can PO emails be sent to different departments in our organisation?
 Unfortunately, the CSP cannot support departmental split of POs and Invoices, however, the CSP allows multiple individuals in an organisation to be added and access different data. We recommend that you define a process internally to filter notifications by department and configure access in the CSP as appropriate.

Q: Can I set up other users from my company in Coupa, and what functionality will they have? 
When your supplier profile is first created in Kantar Coupa, we assign a primary contact based on the responses from your survey and this will be the person that receives the invitation to register on the CSP. The primary contact can update your supplier profile in Coupa and they can invite other users from your organisation and assign permissions so that they can view and action certain tasks, such as viewing and managing orders, creating and sending invoices, and viewing payment.

Q: Can we have 2 different bank account details entered in Coupa from different countries, and is there any effect on currency? 
Suppliers can set up multiple bank accounts, with remit-to addresses based in different countries via the CSP.

Invoice questions:

Q: Can we submit multiple invoices for goods and services on a purchase order?
 Yes, you can. When the purchase order is created it can either be set up with multiple line items or allow multiple invoices by way of quantity or value which can be invoiced in stages. For example, a PO could be raised for services over a 6-month period and invoiced each month. Similarly, a PO could be raised for a quantity, and partially invoiced as goods are delivered by the supplier. 

Q: How can we invoice against a 'blanket' purchase order in Coupa?
 The typical process is one invoice for each purchase order, however, if you have agreed an approach of raising a blanket purchase order with your business contact, the PO can be raised in Coupa, and you will be able to raise multiple invoices against it. The PO may cover any fixed duration agreed with your business contact, such as monthly, quarterly, or for a specified time, and the PO will remain open until fully invoiced, or the PO is closed by the business, when the job is complete.

Q: How do we raise invoices in Coupa?
 You would generate the invoice information in your internal system initially, and then use that information to create the invoices in Coupa using your chosen method of either SAN, CSP or cXML (for high volume suppliers). Many of the required fields are auto populated and you only need to complete the additional fields based on the invoice information generated in your internal system, such as invoice number, VAT info and shipping charges if not already included.

Q: How does this change my existing ordering and payment process?
Once the Coupa S2P portal has been fully deployed it will be the only way for you to receive orders and process invoice payments with Kantar so please make sure you complete the supplier survey to ensure we have your correct contact and billing details on our system.     

Q: Do I need to get set up again as a supplier to Kantar?
Kantar applies a robust risk assessment process for all new and existing suppliers, through Coupa. This ensures we operate to our Corporate Governance principles and provides consistency and transparency to our supplier partners. 
You do not need to request being set up as a new supplier, however we may receive a request to complete a Kantar supplier risk assessment, covering aspects such as technology security, data protection, supplier diversity credentials and other key areas. Please respond in a timely manner so that we can keep your credentials up to date as an assured Kantar supply partner.