With restrictions loosening in the UK and as non-essential stores, pubs, bars and restaurants reopen, it’s crucial for you to understand how shoppers and consumers are feeling and how they’re reacting. Join us for our new series that looks at how consumer and shopper behaviours change as they enter their ‘social awakening’.

Using insights from real purchasing behaviour, consumption, shopper and consumer attitudes, we will share fortnightly viewpoints and forecasts to help you react and prepare for the coming months.

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Shoppers head into April with a spring in their step, as retail re-awakens
What are British shoppers’ plans and priorities as lockdown restrictions finally start to ease?
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ecommerce uki
How will our online shopping habits fare as the UK opens up again?
Many of us have been shopping online for more items, more often, throughout the pandemic out of necessity. But how much will this stick as lockdown eases?
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highstreet shopping

Pent-up demand sees Brits hit the high street as restrictions ease

How have shoppers responded to the reopening of non-essential retailers, and what does that tell us about the future of the nation’s high streets?
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highstreet shopping

Time to reimagine the high street

While there are positive signs for physical retail, the recovery from the pandemic is an opportunity to rethink our high streets and win UK shoppers back.
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The lessons retail can learn from our social reawakening

Reflecting on changes to our shopping behaviour three months on from the start of lockdown restrictions easing.
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