Launching Yakult’s European campaign with confidence

yakult case study
When pivoting from country-led advertising to a single cross-market campaign, Yakult turned to ad testing insights from LINK on Kantar Marketplace.
Theo van Uffelen, Chief Marketing Officer at Yakult, said:“Thanks to the Kantar team for a well-executed test plan and very clear reporting on what were the drivers behind the results.”


Yakult, a probiotic drink brand, had a goal of launching their new campaign, ‘Little bottle on a big mission’, across their markets with a single creative direction.

Yakult needed to act quickly, validate their creative ideas with consumers, and execute with confidence on a much larger scale. They wanted to understand whether the campaign would resonate across several countries, including the UK, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Austria.


Considering the brand’s needs, it was critical for Yakult to find an ad testing solution with a standardised approach and robust, multi-country insights.

With access to consumer norms across multiple European markets, LINK with neuroscience on Kantar Marketplace was a natural solution for measuring creative effectiveness. It allowed Yakult to assess both the creative’s ability to drive incremental sales growth and build meaningfully different brand associations – all within an incredibly fast timeline.


Yakult was able to quickly assess the potential of their campaign – as well as understand what was driving the success of their creative – with initial results delivered in just four days.

The ad pre-test confirmed the creative’s viability across markets, as well as its ability to deliver both brand equity and sales for Yakult.


Fuelled by a combination of Kantar Marketplace’s speed, rigorous methodology and robust analytics, as well as a great working partnership with the Kantar team, Yakult was able transition to a consistent creative approach that would grow the brand – and allow them to confidently air the campaign across multiple markets.

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