Ad testing and development

Create extraordinary ads that perform.

Extraordinary creative, with ad testing that's extraordinarily fast

Evaluate TV, digital, print and outdoor advertising with agile ad testing solutions. Make confident, data-driven decisions about what works, how much to spend and how to optimise your creative. 
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Volume screening

Test more of your ads, faster

Quickly and iteratively test your own and competitor advertising using powerful artificial intelligence. Get feedback on creative that would normally go untested, such as promotional ads, short run ads and secondary campaign assets.

AI-powered TV ad testing
AI-powered digital ad testing
Fast validation

Launch with confidence

Know whether your creative will deliver on your objectives. Quickly determine whether your ad is poised to engage people, drive sales and build your brand.

TV ad testing 
Digital ad testing 
Print and outdoor ad testing
Rapid optimisation

Perfect your creative

Gauge whether your creative will be effective. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your ads and what you can do to optimise them. Reliably predict impact on brand and sales.

TV ad testing with diagnostics
Digital ad testing with diagnostics
Print and outdoor ad testing with diagnostics


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Advertise with impact 

Make your budget go further. Run only the strongest creative and optimise spend with insight on both own and competitive advertising.
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Move at the speed of business 

Get cost-effective ad test results in as few as 6 hours. Keep track of competitive advertising with at-the-ready intelligence.
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Benefit from proven methods

Choose from extensively validated solutions that reliably predict an ad’s impact on sales and brand-building. 
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Be in command of your insights

Use your Kantar Marketplace account to access ad test results, plus request studies, reports and data right when you need them. 
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Agile ad testing
Get great creative that delivers results, with the consumer front and centre.
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