Global TV and video content and advertising preferences

Discover the relationships consumers in different markets have with TV and video content and advertising on streaming services, with our new infographic
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James Powell

Senior Marketing Manager, Media Division, UK & Ireland

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With the TV and video streaming market ever more competitive and fragmented, broadcasters, streaming platforms, advertisers and agencies are all seeking to better understand what consumers today want from their TV and video content, as well as their views on advertising within platforms.

In our new infographic we explore insights from our recently released 2023 TGI Global Quick View survey - which provides a harmonised understanding of the behaviour of internet-using consumers across 35 markets worldwide - to reveal key TV and video viewing trends and differences across the world.


See below for key highlights and to download the infographic.

  • Movies are top TV genre consumers wish they could see more of.
  • Comedy and horror are amongst the top film genres Netflix users wish they could see more of – reflecting the success of mega-hit ‘Wednesday’.
  • Unwinding at the end of the day is the most popular occasion to watch TV globally. But in some markets viewing first thing in the morning is most popular.
  • Almost two-thirds of paid TV/video streaming users would put up with adverts in return for a cheaper subscription – though agreement is much lower in most western markets.
  • For over a third of consumers trailers or content on social platforms is a prompt for them to watch specific TV of films to watch online.

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