Britons turned to brands they could trust during a year of disruption

Discover Britain’s most chosen FMCG brands with our new report, British Brand Footprint.
27 May 2021
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Andrew Walker

Director, Client Knowledge, Worldpanel Division, UK

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It is impossible to talk about 2020 without referring to changes. Changes to how we spent our time, changes to how we shopped, changes to how we selected which brands were for us. 

British Brand Footprint, our new report out today, uncovers Britain’s most chosen FMCG brands. It finds that when we look at our biggest and best-performing brands, what is more striking is how much hasn’t changed at all. 

Enduring power of big brands

Warburtons retains its crown as Britain’s most chosen brand, the same brands make up our top 10 as in 2019 and there is only one brand in our top 20 which wasn’t there two years ago. This speaks to the enduring power of our most-loved brands, something that was only enhanced by the disruption that has engulfed our lives since early 2020. It may sound like a cliché that in a crisis we reach for what we know and trust, but it was certainly true in March 2020 when seven out of ten number one brands grew share within their categories.

Characteristics of winning brands remain consistent

The characteristics of a winning brand have also remained consistent. It is simply that the importance of some of those characteristics was amplified in 2020. The agility to react to a shift in demand was crucial in the early days of the pandemic – minimising the number of potential buyers who were faced with an empty shelf. Later it allowed brands to capitalise on the burgeoning opportunity in ecommerce; 60% of growth in take-home grocery in the last year has been online. 

Additionally, having the key attributes which make your brand the natural choice for consumers less inclined to dwell at fixtures. The hygiene credentials of Carex and Dettol (with Consumer Reach Points growing 85% and 20% year on year respectively) are prime examples of this.

Read the British Brand Footprint digital report today:

Sector-focussed expert insights

For the first time this year, the top 20 FMCG brands list sits alongside rankings for the food, beverages, dairy and dairy alternatives, health and beauty and homecare sectors, in one interactive report packed with expert viewpoints and brand examples. Additionally, registration is now open for the British Brand Footprint webinar series, where Kantar's sector experts will uncover the trends impacting brands and consumers and delve further into the most chosen brands in each sector.

Having flexible plans will continue to be essential for brands when it comes to navigating any bumps we encounter on our road out of the pandemic. Read British Brand Footprint to uncover the consumer trends that brands need to capitalise on to find new buyers in the year ahead. To find out more about how Kantar can help brands to grow, get in touch.

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