Britain’s most chosen homecare brands

Our ranking of the most chosen homecare brands reveals the continued impact of the Mrs Hinch effect.
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Fraser  McKevitt

Head of Retail and Consumer Insight, Worldpanel Division, UK

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Homecare is challenging territory for brands, due to the increasing strength of own label. The sector grew £126 million in 2019, but only 20% of that spend was captured by brands, with the discounters and bargain stores making their mark on the retail landscape. The challenge for brands is to give shoppers a clear reason to pay more, whether that’s environmentally friendly credentials, or a promise of efficacy.

Understanding consumers to find growth

Our Brand Footprint ranking of the most chosen homecare brands uncovers the innovators in the market, and the continued impact of the Mrs Hinch effect. The report covers 2019, and while this pre-dates the current crisis, the fundamentals of brand growth are more relevant than ever as we emerge from lockdown.

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  • How homecare brands are navigating the tension between the need for low prices and high performance
  • The ways brands are making strides forward in terms of sustainability
  • How listings in the discounters and bargain stores allowed some brands to broaden their availability
  • The key innovations in the sector, and the small brands feeling the power of a Mrs Hinch endorsement
  • Inspiring examples of brands using the five levers of growth: more presence, more categories, more targets, more moments, new needs

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