Webinar: How UK Brands Can Prepare for HFSS with Retail Partners

Watch this webinar replay to learn how you can provide profitable assortment recommendations for your retail partners in compliance with HFSS legislation.
20 June 2022


Tim Winfield, Director Category Technology 
John Maingi, Global Product Manager, Omnichannel Analytics


The UK Government’s proposed legislation on promoting high fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) products will become restricted law in the new year.  Though legislation has been pushed back recently from October 2022, both retailers and brands are beginning to implement changes now in preparation.  

The restrictions will limit advertising, promotional activity and in-store campaigns for products in several categories such as soft drinks, confectionery, breakfast cereals, treats, beverages, crisps and snacks, as well as pizzas and ready meals.

To help those manufacturers that will be the hardest hit our global category technology experts hosted a virtual session to discuss some of the changes we are seeing in-store currently and how assortment and space planning technologies can effectively help category managers scenario plan for growth despite changing in-store, aisle and promotional regulations. 

During the 30-minute workshop, our team demonstrates:

  • what some of our clients and other manufacturers are doing now;
  • how to identify which parts of the store will be affected by HFSS regulation;
  • how to scenario plan assortment changes in a reduced space on a main fixture;
  • how demand flows across SKU's,
  • how you can visualise and test new HFSS merchandise ready point of sale.


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With proposed legislation relating to high fat, salt and sugar products due in 2022, how can UK brands continue to find growth?
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With restrictions on promoting HFSS products coming into force next year, brands need to rethink how to engage consumers to support sales, penetration, and brand equity.