Sustainable Futures: Can behavioral science help purpose-driven brands drive sustainability action?

In this episode Alex Peters from Reckitt shares valuable insights and tips on designing sustainable products and driving real action through purpose.
07 March 2023
Can behavioral science help purpose-driven brands drive sustainability action?
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In this episode, Jonathan Hall is joined by Alex Peters, Global Purpose Insights Lead at Reckitt and Dr. Nicki Morley, Head of Behavioural Science and Innovation at Kantar UK to discuss the importance of authenticity in sustainability and how it can be achieved through purpose and a focus on driving real action through behaviour change.

Join Jonathan, Alex, and Nicki as they share insights and tips for designing sustainable products, closing the value-action gap, and creating a sustainable future that is both authentic and profitable. Tune in to learn more about sustainability and the role of behavioural science in driving better outcomes for brands and the planet.

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