Sustainable Futures: Nuevo, the story of a challenger agency with sustainability at its core

In this episode Jax Davey shares his journey and how Nuevo is making advertising more sustainable and impactful.
12 July 2023
Nuevo, the story of a challenger agency with sustainability at its core
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In this week's Sustainable Futures podcast, Jonathan Hall is joined by Jax Davey, the CEO of creative agency Nuevo. Jax , a Forbes 30 Under- 30 honouree and award-winning entrepreneur, shares his journey and the genesis of his creative agency.

Nuevo focuses on working with brands to reduce the carbon footprint of their advertising and make it more positively impactful. Ensuring that even the most impactful creative projects have minimal impact on the planet, paving the way for a sustainable and responsible future.

Throughout the episode, Jax emphasizes the importance of purpose and how it shaped his career: from a marine in the British Army to agency founder. He shares how purpose-driven initiatives attracted talented individuals to his agency and helped win clients who believed and shared their vision. The focus on sustainability and positive impact has been a driving force in the evolution of Nuevo's business model. The episode effectively, highlights the intersection of creativity, sustainability, and technology in the world of business and brands.

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