Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Identification and Mapping
Use peer-to-peer feedback and secondary research to find physicians with global, national, regional and local influence.


Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) play an important role in your marketing strategy as their reputation, expertise and expansive influence help support your marketing investment. We match verified profiles to your marketing objectives and evaluate influence based on reach and depth.

Key features

Access to proprietary resources and approaches

Benefit from approaches such as KeyMD® to identify and engage the right thought leaders to support your product strategy.

Broad therapeutic expertise

Our experience across primary care, speciality and rare diseases means each study is customised to fit your objectives.

User-friendly, intuitive deliverables

We visually represent the reach and volume of influence for each physician and provide a web-based delivery option.

More information

Develop rich profiles of your KOLs, understanding past experience, education and fellowships, publications, speaking engagements, participation in the development of guidelines, and much more.

Understand how best to leverage each KOL, be it as a speaker, author on a publication, or within a social media campaign.

We work closely with partner agencies who can help you develop and execute a plan for engaging with your thought leaders.

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