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01 October 2020
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17 November: Fighting for the Market Share. How big brands are winning the battle versus fair share

10 November: The Kraft Heinz TPx Journey: Digital Transformation Across Borders


29 October: Mass consumption and sustainability in 2020: Who Cares, Who Does? (Spanish)

29 October: Getting closer to the truth: Why we see dishonesty in online survey research and what you can do to reduce it

28 October: The pandemic, politics & pharmaceuticals 

28 October: CX+ Get the Experience Advantage

28 October: How the pandemic has changed the out-of-home market: temporary fix or fundamental shift?

27 October: Kantar Marketplace: Accelerate Your Innovation Journey (German)

27 October: Is it time to advertise? (Spanish)

27 October: Asia Beauty Guide: from messy to recovery (Chinese)

22 October: Kantar’s COVID-19 tribes and their marketing implications in Kenya

22 October: Who Cares, Who Does? Indonesia

22 October: Analytics Business Breakfast (German)

21 October: Sustainability, health and innovation: has the pandemic accelerated existing trends in food and drink?

21 October: Kantar Talks CAM 2020: Changing Consumer Choice (Spanish)

21 October: Korea: Post COVID-19 Era, Beauty Industry Revolution

20 October: What’s next for Alcohol?

20 October: Optimising the return on media investments: What are the best practices in spend, media mix and channel impact?

19 October: Media Reactions 2020: Where great ads thrive

19 October: Six questions brand owners need to answer to navigate the next six months (UK)

15 October: Omnichannel Winning Strategies: Part 2 (with the Category Management Association)

15 October: Sustainability from a Vietnamese perspective

15 October: Planning for Consumer Change in the COVID-19 Era

15 October: Personal care and beauty: a sector with new opportunities (Spanish)

15 October: Changes in the beverage market (IH&OOH) (Korean)

15 October: ReconfigurACTION How to reactivate market demand and find opportunities in this new reality (Spanish)

14 October: Shopper responses to future uncertainty: looking ahead in the UK Food and Drink market

14 October: Who Cares, Who Does? 2020 Environmental concern opportunities increase (Spanish)

14 October: Media Reactions: Find out where great ads thrive

8 October: Time to cut the crap: Why your media measurement is leading you astray (German)

8 October: New opportunities for a different in-home consumption (Spanish) 

8 October: Why creativity and emotions in advertising matter more than ever

7 October More or less, in or out? How 2020 changed the UK's food and drink consumption habits

7 October: Consumer Watch CAM: Shopper’s implications around COVID-19 (Spanish)

6 October: Kantar 20Q2 Consumer panel Briefing: Report on Korean Cosmetics Market Online (Korean)

6 October: BrandZ™ Top 30 Most Valuable Emirati & Saudi Brands launch

6 October: Brand Guidance Webinar: Session 4 (German)

1 October: Perspectives for mass consumption 2020-2021 (Spanish)


30 September: Winning Omnichannel 2020 (Spanish)

30 September: FMCG Shopping: 2021 & Beyond

29 September: Brand Guidance Webinar: Session 3 (German)

29 & 30 September: Kantar Talks UK Digital Event 

24 September: Vietnam Omnichannel 2020: Understand and anticipate retail dynamics

24 September: Winners & Losers in the Philippines: Thriving in the Hope Economy

23 September: Getting closer to the truth

23 September: Defining the commercial plan (Spanish)

22 September: Brand Guidance Webinar: Session 2 (German)

22 September: The Hong Kong Consumer: Emerging Identities

22 September: Catching up with the new normal: How brands are adapting to match consumer’s expectations post COVID-19 

18 September: BrandZ Top 75 Most Valuable Indian Brands 2020

18 September: Omnichannel Winning Strategies Part 1  (with the Category Management Association)

18 September: BrandZ Top 75 Most Valuable Indian Brands 2020

17 September: Identifying brand opportunities in the age of COVID-19

17 September: "Countdown": The state of distribution (Spanish)

17 September: Omnichannel 2020: The new shopper for growth in Latam and CAM (Spanish)

17 September: The evolution of retail in Portugal during 2020 (Portuguese)

17 September: Identifying brand recovery in the next normal (Nigeria) 

16 September: Who Cares, Who Does? 2020: The increased opportunity in environmental concern

15 September: A conversation with Clif Bar: Digital transformation as a foundation for long-term growth

15 September: Global Brand Values and ESG: Two Reflections of a Company's Reputation. The same image? (French)

15 September: Kantar Artificial Intelligence STAN (German)

15 September: Brand Guidance Webinar: Session 1 (German) 

10 September: Magnifying Media: how brands can thrive in the new era of digital marketing

10 September: Winning and Losing – How to stay relevant in Malaysia

9 September: Consumer Insights: A 360° look at consumers after COVID-19 (Spanish)

9 September: Bye bye cookies: Moonshot project & the importance for your cookie-free advertising impact measurement (German)

9 September: How to super-charge your in-house marketing function to collect faster, actionable data

9 September: Reboot your CX understanding to supercharge growth

4 September: Omnichannel 2020: The new shopper for growth in Latin America and CAM (Spanish)

1 September: BrandZ™ Top 30 Most Valuable South African Brands Launch


27 August: Expert viewpoint: The rise of online in meat fish and poultry

26 August: Scotland Brand Footprint ranking

26 August: Asia Beauty Guide: from messy to recovery (Chinese)

20 August: A vision of the new shopper for growth in Latin America (Spanish)

20 August: Winning & Losing – Adopting AI/ML to Navigate the Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Behaviour in Thailand

12 August: The more things change, the more they stay the same (South Africa)

12 August: Agile innovation to grow in a reconfiguring world

12 August: Consumer Connections 2020 – Bangladesh

11 August: How to re-engage consumers to speed up the post-pandemic recovery (UK)

11 August: Reimagining the future: understanding life and trends in Indonesia

5 August: Surfing the digital wave in Asia's FMCG market

5 August: Retail 2020: Reigniting Customer Experience strategy


30 July: Consumers in Vietnam: Post-COVID behaviour and moving into the new normal

29 July: Consumer Insights 2Q 2020: Central American consumer purchase habits during lockdown

29 July: Challenges faced by brands in a crisis scenario

29 July: Anticipating consumer behaviour change and the implications for your brand 

29 July: Scotland: State of the Nation

29 July: Win with agile innovation in a changing world

26 July: Why tracking is particularly important in times of crisis: Tracking Insights in Corona times

23 July: Commerce Now: Shopper Spotlight 

23 July: Distribution 2020 | New expectations, new customer experiences: the keys to meeting the challenge 

22 July: What Next? Planning for growth in the new normal

22 July: Kantar Top to Top: 30 minutes with Magdalena Ferreira (Mexico)

22 July: Asia FMCG: What Then What Now (English)

22 July: Say goodbye to going with your gut. Real-time consumer feedback for uncharted waters.

19 July: Adapt your growth plan to the new reality

17 July: Can the travel industry recover from the demand shock of March 2020?

16 July: Grocery interrupted: The FMCG retailer briefing

15 July: The Impact of Covid-19 – Winning and Losing in 2020

15 July: Kantar Top to Top: 30 minutes with Carlos Arenas

15 July: Covid-19 Looking forward and Rebound Strategy for Auto and Mobility 

15 July: Discover the CX retail secrets hidden in plain sight

14 July: Brand Footprint Ireland: the 2019 most chosen FMCG brands in Ireland revealed

14 July: Fearing what the uncertainties of Christmas this year might mean for your brand or business?

13 July: Insights Engine - could they have predicted the pandemic?

10 July: Britain’s most chosen FMCG brands: Finding growth in turbulent times

10 July: Brands after COVID-19: What are the promising trends?

9 July: Total Marketing ROI (Russian)

9 July: Brand Growth Strategy Shining in Crisis (Korean)

9 July: Sales and marketing alignment in the age of coronavirus

9 July: Commerce Now: Fulfillment Spotlight

9 July: The Fashion market in COVID-19 times

9 July: India: Kantar Consumer Connections 2020

8 July: UK: Retail Roadshow: webinar 2

8 July: Resilience and growth in 2020: lessons learned from the world’s most valuable brands

8 July: Why creativity may be a brand’s greatest asset, a Pakistan creative learning session

7 July: Accelerating brand recovery in the ‘new normal’: how the new era of analytics can unlock marketing effectiveness (UK)

7 July: Mexico: The Fashion market in COVID-19 times (Spanish)

7 July: Media experience in 2020 (Dutch)

7 July: What is your tribe in the new normal? (Romanian)

7 July: Behaviour change and its application in healthcare

6 July: Irish Shopper Behaviour during the Last Recession: How to prepare for the unexpected

3 July: Winning in a Recessionary World: Nigeria Growth Toolbox – vol.1

3 July: Impact for UK brands as we ‘reopen’ the doors to pubs, bars and restaurants

2 July: Vietnamese consumers' post-COVID-19 behaviour (English)

2 July: UK: Retail Roadshow: webinar 1

2 July: UK: Malaysia Brand Footprint 2020

1 July: UK: A unique recession demands a unique response

1 July: Indonesia: The Impact of COVID-19 – Winning and Losing in 2020


30 June: Korea: Post-Coronavirus and the FMCG Market

30 June: Launch Event: BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2020

30 June: Blockbuster or Bust: Media Advertising in the Age of COVID-19 with Pathmatics

30 June: Brand Footprint: the most chosen brands in Portugal in 2019 (Portuguese)

30 June: Adapting to the new post-COVID-19 reality in Health and Beauty in France (French)

26 June: COVID-19: Leveraging technology to fuel human connections, power creativity and drive effective share of voice

25 June: How COVID-19 is impacting our eating and drinking habits

25 June: CX investment optimization

25 June: COVID-19 & Ecomm’s Coming of Age: The Future is Now

24 June: Bridging the gap between brand promise and customer experience

24 June: The impact of COVID-19 on French consumers and brands

24 June: COVID-19: Evolutions in consumer behaviours and impact on brands (wave 5).

23 June: Brand Footprint: British homecare ranking and report

23 June: An outlook on retail in Spain after COVID-19 (Spanish)

23 June: COVID-19 in Ireland: Are we ready to get our heads out the sand? (English)

22 June: Brand Footprint: British Dairy ranking and report

19 June: Financial services response to the pandemic: What will separate the winners and losers?

18 June: Total Marketing ROI

18 June: Kenya | Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on society and families

18 June: How the COVID-19 crisis is transforming FMCG and retail – a global omnichannel view

18 June: Brand Footprint Indonesia: Urban Ranking of the most chosen consumer brands

17 June: Reform, Reskill, Reset

16 June: The ‘Surge to Digital’ – will it continue?

16 June: Brand Footprint: The most chosen FMCG brands in Spain and in the world

15 June: Brand Footprint: British Beverages ranking and report.

17 June: ARF NxNE – Paint by Numbers: Ad Creative and AI

12 June: Sustainability and Innovation: New tensions on the road to recovery

11 June: What are the keys to success for national brands in France? (French)

11 June: ANA: Navigating Changing Consumer Behavior during COVID-19

11 June: COVID-19 and the new signals of assortment

11 June: Consumer Insights Latam Q1 2020

11 June: Why this recession won’t be like the last for the meat, fish and poultry industry

11 June: Brand Footprint: British Health and Beauty ranking and report

10 June: The impact of COVID-19 in the Middle East - the resident's perspective

9 June: Why brand promise and CX go hand-in-hand

9 June: Media & Me – exploring consumers relationship with advertising and content.

9 June: Award ceremony: The 50 most valuable German brands 2020

9 June: The importance of investing in advertising: What can we expect to happen in the COVID-19 scenario? (Spanish)

9 June: Brand Footprint: British Food ranking and report

8 June: Governments and coronavirus: The citizen perspective in the G7 nations

5 June: Impact for Brands (UK)

4 June: Re-opening the doors to out-of-home entertainment (UK)

4 June: Guidelines for resilience moves 2.0 / Focus on retail (Spanish)

4 June: Kantar Ecuador "Resilience Playbook 2.0 / Focus on distribution (Spanish)

4 June: Brand Footprint, the most chosen brands in Central America (Spanish)

4 June: Leverage The Power Of Human & Artificial Intelligence To Understand Behaviours Post COVID

2 June: Consumer Insights Brazil Webinar: The new Brazilian buying journey (Portuguese)

3 June: Using Trends to Steer Through Disruption

1 June: Health and Hygiene as the next digital: DSN Webcast


29 May: Addressing key questions

29 May: The impact of COVID-19 on the retail landscape

28 May: New Normal post lockdown: Myth or reality?

28 May: How fashion brands can thrive beyond the COVID-19 crisis

27 May: Redefining our post-confinement action plans (Spanish)

27 May: Advertising in the time of COVID: The Customer Response

27 May: Turn "Crisis" into "Opportunity": Make survey design improvements now for insights tomorrow

27 May: Consumer Insights Q1'20 and the impact of COVID-19 on consumption

22 May: COVID-19: Are we ready to get our heads out the sand?

21 May: Think Fit Segmentation, not all shoppers are created equal (Spanish)

21 May: Malaysia, The New Norm - What You Need to Know and How to Adapt

21 May: How the fashion industry is responding to the COVID-19 challenges

21 May: Are we not talking about Experiences anymore?

20 May: Moving your face-to-face research online: Tips for a safe and smooth transition

20 May: Brand Footprint: the most chosen FMCG brands revealed

19 May: A future of opportunity: 8 predictions of evolutionary change in consumers

15 May: Kantar’s COVID-19 webinar series: Assortment and technology

15 May: What is different in Ramadan 2020?

15 May: Reactivating demand – what are the right signals to send?

14 May: Data Analytics is the exit strategy for marketing

14 May: A new view of how Alcohol consumers, their occasions and behaviours are changing in response to COVID-19

14 May: It’s personal: connecting with audiences to unlock growth

13 May: How to grow your brand and ROI in the ‘new normal’

13 May: The COVID-19 crisis: a decisive trend accelerator for brands in French-speaking Africa?

13 May: Impact of COVID-19 on FMCG in Taiwan

13 May: How you can emerge stronger by making critical connections today

12 May: What are the strategic implications for brands during a crisis?

12 May: Impacts of COVID-19 on consumption, media and brands in Peru

12 May: Customer Centricity: Buzzword or paradigm shift in the CX world?

11 May: Reimagining customer experience in the new normal

8 May: COVID19 impact in Africa & Middle East

8 May: How COVID-19 is influencing shopping behaviours in Africa and Middle East?

8 May: Forecasting the future

7 May: Mzansi Nillionaires. How can brands connect with them? Which categories are best placed to win and which will be challenged?

7 May: Are you ready to navigate growth in a COVID-19 world?

7 May: How customer centricity can help ensure brand success through COVID-19

6 May: Navigating brand building, media and creative decisions during COVID-19

6 May: Egypt – Not ready? Well… get set, go! Pragmatism is the new purpose

5 May: COVID-19: Critical capabilities for Marketing and Sales: now and next

5 May: Activate your brand in New Journeys

1 May: Post-COVID commerce

1 May: COVID-19: Impact for brands (part 4): The brave new reality for brands


30 April: Signaling a Recovery: A Framework for Brand Reactivation

30 April: How fashion brands can survive the COVID-19 crisis

29 April: Future-Ready: Planning for life in Asia after COVID-19

29 April: Consumer Insights 1Q2020: How has the coronavirus impacted consumption? (Spanish)

29 April: A New World: Navigating the Impact of COVID-19 in Latin America (Spanish)

28 April COVID-19: Employee resilience in an uncertain world

28 April: Webinar: End of confinement and return to the 'new normal' (Spanish)

28 April: ‘The new normal’ in Korea (Korean)

27 April: Authentic empathy – How marketers can respond effectively to COVID-19

24 April: Social Distancing: Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 to Branding, Media, and Commerce in Thailand

24 April: The role of innovation in brand resilience – is now the time?

24 April: Dimensions of Distancing: How are Asians living in times of social distancing?

23 April: How alcohol shoppers have responded to the COVID-19 crisis

22 April: TV & video consumption in the ‘new normal’

22 April: From information overload to practical planning

21 April: Increase customer satisfaction with X&O Data

21 April: Ramadan in times of COVID-19

21 April: The role of sustainability in building resilient organisations

20 April: Governments and Coronavirus Update 2: Understanding the citizen perspective in the G7 nations

20 April: The Impact of COVID-19 to Indonesians and How Brands Should React

17 April: COVID-19: Impact for Brands (Part 3)

15 April: New behaviour of French shoppers

14 April: Ensuring resilience in ecommerce

14 April: 8 ways to help your brand weather a crisis

10 April: COVID-19 impacts: From Vietnamese’ thinking to behaving (English)

10 April: Where do we go from here?

9 April: Navigating brand building, media and creative decisions during COVID-19

9 April: Should you be advertising at the moment? How should advertisers react in these times of business as unusual?

9 April: Assessing the impact for grocery retail in Ireland

9 April: Surviving the COVID-19 crisis in Asia Pacific

8 April: COVID-19 – The new normal

8 April: COVID-19 Social Monitor: Anatomy of a Pandemic

7 April COVID-19: Brand resilience: How to communicate right now

7 April Advertising for Confined Consumers

7 April: Both instead of either or: how short-term sales and long-term brand building can be combined

4 April: How has spending on Mass Consumption been affected? (Spanish)

4 April: How has the consumption habit of the Spanish changed? (Spanish)

3 April: The impact on brands, part 2

3 April: COVID-19 webinar series: Shoppers and omnicommerce

2 April: Anticipating the Balance of 2020

2 April: COVID-19: Impacts on consumption and brands

2 April: To air or not to air: No change to consumer attitudes in advertising in Asia Pacific?

1 April: A blurred new world in Alcohol


31 March: Ensuring resilience in retail

31 March: Are you ready to navigate growth in a COVID-19 world?

31 March: Tap tech for insights from your consumer's couch

27 March: Learning to adapt to the new realities of commerce

27 March: Putting the breaks on your media spend in Asia Pacific?

26 March: Understanding Consumer Sentiments in the time of COVID-19

26 March: Government and Coronavirus: the citizen perspective in the G7 nations

26 March: Manage your brand in difficult times (Spanish)

25 March: What, where, and how much? Communication in times of COVID-19

25 March: Pandemics, Politics & Business

24 March: Qualitative Workaround – Online qual in coronavirus times

24 March: Customer Insights meets Personas & Journeys

20 March: The impact on brands

20 March: Macroeconomic and supply chain implications

10 March: Customer Experience Today: The Kantar View

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