Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards is launching on the 25th of April

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The advertising world is restless, fast-moving, and ever-evolving. This presents challenges for marketers and their agencies. How can you be creative and effective on channels that relentlessly innovate? Do the same rules apply?

Our fourth annual Creative Effectiveness Awards celebrates the most creative and effective digital, social, TV, print, and outdoor ads from over 13,000 we tested in 2022. What makes our awards unique is that consumers are the jury.

Have a look at the winning ads and download our booklet or watch the webinar to find out what makes them winners. And discover the big emerging trends we’ve observed from our winners that make their campaigns authentic and profound.

Take your campaign to the next level. Learn from the best.

Top 10 Digital/Social ads

Our digital and social winners bring creative content from eight markets, eight categories, and four channels. From Chile to China, towels to toys, Instagram to Tik Tok. Content that works within channels to grab attention and to deliver their brand’s message both now and into the future. 

Top 10 TV ads

This year’s TV winners span nine markets and ten categories, from Australia to Spain, from school bags to streaming services. All demonstrate the ability of TV content to generate sales and build brand memories.

Top 10 Print/Outdoor ads

Covering six markets and nine categories, our print and digital outdoor winners this year come from the UK to the USA, from vitamins to video on demand. Our winners illustrate the power of creative in conveying a message and delivering a lasting impression of the brand, in just a few seconds.

Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards 2023 Cover
Discover what makes the winning ads successful and the big emerging trends in creativity. 
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Kantar Creative Effectiveness Awards 2023
Our creative experts discuss the winning ads and what we’ve learned from this year’s winners. 
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