The way we relate to restaurants has changed significantly following the pandemic, and today, over 50% of Foodservice meals don’t take place on-premise. The industry is moving from traditional out-of-home venues to freshly prepared meals for immediate consumption – whether it’s to eat in, or to be collected or delivered. 

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Our Out-of-Home for Immediate consumption panel tracks consumers everywhere they can buy food and drinks out of the home, or order delivery to provide a full share of wallet view for manufacturers, operators, distributors and digital platforms.


We can answer:

  • How many customers purchase in your venue and how often? How was that changed over time?

  • What is their demographic profile and who are your customers?

  • What is the overall context of the occasion? When, where, how, why?

  • Menu architecture: what products do they buy inside your venue?

  • What else do they shop and what do they choose when going elsewhere?

Latest insights

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Turning tables: Unlocking Foodservice frontiers

The future of food is not set in stone; it’s on a plate, in a box, and (for many) increasingly, at our doorstep. From quick-service restaurants enjoying a fast and furious ascent to meal delivery platforms reshaping our culinary compass, the changes are as varied as they are far-reaching.

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Dining out at home: how meal delivery is transforming Foodservice

  • Has the Foodservice industry fully recovered, or are there still growth gaps?
  • Which channels are winning the race for share of stomach – and how?
  • How have consumers’ tastes transformed?

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The transformation of the Foodservice sector 

Hear from our experts on the latest in- and out-of-home trends report.

  • The new multi-platform reality
  • Home Meal Delivery satisfying different demand moments
  • Quick service restaurants taking the lead

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