Analytics, Germany

The work is varied, and the team works with many industries and some exciting clients, carrying out work in many ways.
Markus E, Germany

I am a Senior Director of the Analytics Practice and based in Munich. I manage a team of around 40 people. My role involves budget planning and forecasting, new business development and setting up the team structure in the right way, so that the whole team perform at their best.

I have been working on developing and evolving the function into the standalone offer that we have today. Now we have a more consultative client approach. I’ve helped to develop and position new products, whilst getting the chance to work with both existing and external data. One thing I really enjoy about my role is being directly engaged with clients while working with the most skilled team of data scientists and analytics specialists in the industry.

Kantar engages a lot in data science and artificial intelligence for the work that we do for our clients: it’s a great place to develop your data science skills, which are transferable to other industries. The work is varied, and the team works with many industries and some exciting clients, carrying out work in many ways, including mobile behaviour data monitoring.

If you are looking for breadth, then Kantar is a great place. You will always find somebody who is technically savvy and there are so many areas of the business to engage with people and people to learn from. Prior to joining Kantar I held senior positions at SPSS and IBM, where I was the architect for large-scale analytical decision management and data mining platforms on the enterprise level for clients in all industries. What is great is that Kantar still offers me the possibility to connect to the scientific community with research and publications. Whether in deep learning, multivariate analysis, market segmentation, brand positioning or conjoint and preference measurement – there is so much that we can learn and adapt to practice.

Kantar is in a very good position at the moment within the industry and I am excited to see where to see what the future holds too. People have the opportunity to really progress their careers either upwards or sideways, and there is even more recognition for expertise than ever before.