Kantar Analytics Practice launches to fuel clients’ business growth

03 May 2018

Kantar today announces the launch of a new global analytics practice that unlocks deeper insights to fuel business growth. Integrating analytical capabilities from across the company, Kantar Analytics Practice will combine the world’s most in-depth understanding of consumers with a deep analytics toolkit developed over four decades of solving the most difficult sales, brand, media and marketing problems.

Kantar Analytics Practice unifies a global network of over 1500 data scientists, analytics consultants, technologists and data designers from across Kantar. It will encompass existing highly regarded businesses such as MaPS and Analytics Quotient and connect them with specialist analysts from Kantar’s operating brands in sales, retail and shopper, media, health and public affairs. The new practice integrates Kantar’s unique consumer insights, based on the world’s largest first party data sets, with clients’ own customer data and a broad range of 3rd party sources. By combining behavioral and attitudinal data, the outcome is actionable customer analysis to inform every brand, marketing and sales decision.

Kantar Analytics Practice offers capabilities across five areas of expertise: 

 - Brand and Media ROI: Maximising value creation from brand and media investments, by balancing short-term sales performance with long-term brand valuation and profitability. 

 - Customer Analytics: Making the right operational and strategic investment decisions in customer experience and loyalty marketing, to maximise the value of each and every customer relationship. 

 - Segmentation and Activation: Targeting your highest potential customers and prospects with personalised content, to drive profitable growth with maximum efficiency. 

 - Innovation Analytics: Optimising your customer-led innovation lifecycle for long-term growth, from spotting new trends before your competitors, to optimising the profitability of your product launches. 

 - Retail and Shopper Analytics: Maximising the commercial return from your investments in sales, retail and e-commerce via optimising decision-making in channel choice, assortment, promotions and pricing.

Discussing their work with Kantar Analytics Practice, Dino Bernacchi, CMO of Mazda North American Operations observed: “Mazda is a brand that puts fans at the center of everything it does. Kantar’s unique combination of deep consumer understanding and analytical capabilities has enabled us to support our brand values with a rich analytics and insights-led strategy. By better understanding who our customers are, and how their values align with the Mazda brand, we now have the ability to forge deeper connections with our fans.” 

Commenting on the launch, Eric Salama, CEO Kantar, added: “Less than half (44%) of advertisers believe they have the right, actionable data. Clients feel data rich but insights poor and impact short. Kantar is unique in having the most complete view of consumers across the entire demand cycle: the way they live, feel, shop, watch and post. Combining our insights with data from across any client’s organisation can unlock deeper insights that fuel growth. “ 

More information about Kantar Analytics Practice, including case studies illustrating the practice’s capabilities can be viewed at http://www.kantar.com/analyticspractice.