Kantar named as Google Measurement Partner

06 August 2018

Google has announced the certification of Kantar as a verified Measurement Partner.

The announcement designates Kantar as an approved third-party measurement provider for brands looking to verify their media spend performance on Google owned platforms.

Kantar is approved globally to provide both Brand Lift Insights for evaluation of brand impact from campaigns and for independent measurement of audience reach from campaigns on Google properties.

“Understanding and measuring digital advertising is foundational to cross platform campaign optimization.  With this partnership, Kantar is leading the way in providing advertisers with a trusted and independent view of brand delivery and impact of their advertising whenever Google is on the media plan,” says Eric Salama, CEO, Kantar.

Google Measurement Partners brings together new and existing partnerships with Google to offer brands a variety of options to measure their advertising media.

The program is launching with 20+ verified partners across seven specializations: viewability, reach, brand safety, brand lift, sales lift, app attribution, and marketing mix modeling.

Kantar was selected by Google as a Measurement Partner based upon a review of its product methodology, privacy practices and technical capabilities.