Kantar launches its first ever Cosmetics Panel in India

Panel delivers detailed insights into fast-changing consumer behaviour
04 December 2023
Mumbai, 4 December 2023: Kantar, the world’s leading marketing data and analytics company, has launched a first-of-its-kind market research panel to help brands demystify the transformation in consumer behaviour within India’s beauty industry. Kantar’s Cosmetics Panel was born out of the need for credible and consistent consumer insights into India’s dynamic cosmetics market.

The in-depth panel will continuously track and report purchases made by shoppers across a total of four broad categories – face, eyes, lips, and nails – with a deep-dive into the segments within each category. It comprises more than 3,000 women in the 18-44 age band, covering NCCS A & B in 10, 10 lakhs (equivalent to one million) plus the population of Indian towns.

Kantar’s technologically advanced Cosmetics Panel will generate exceptional quality data through a rigorous, multi-stage checking process:
• Real-time data capture at the point of purchase, through a 100% self-filling application.
• Data capture through images and visuals.
• Image and barcode-based matching at the backend.

The panel will also introduce an AI-based image decoding feature in 2024 to increase the accuracy and credibility of the data even further. The panel will report data on a monthly basis.

Speaking on the launch, K. Ramakrishnan, Managing Director - Worldpanel Division, South Asia at Kantar said: “The cosmetics market is riding a positive wave right now, and we are absolutely delighted to be able to track this wave with India's only robust Cosmetics Panel, using next generation technology. The panel is the first of its kind to employ artificial intelligence to increase the accuracy of the data inputs, as well as to carry out quality checks. This will ensure that brands in the cosmetics category get real-time, accurate and insightful data to inform their strategic decisions.”

Here are some highlights from the inaugural phase of Kantar’s Cosmetics Panel in India:

1. 42% of women purchased at least one face makeup product in the last 10 months, translating to INR1,120 crore (USD136+ million) in spend. 

2. 33 million packs of eye makeup were bought in the last 10 months, 24 million of which were eyeliners and kajal (kohl). The rest comprised mascara, eyeshadow, and eyebrow pencil.

3. 70% of lipsticks bought today are still the traditional bullet lipstick format, as liquid lipsticks are yet to become a significant player in this category in India. 

4. 40% of cosmetics shoppers shop online, but only 7% shop online exclusively. While convenience is important to purchasers of cosmetics products, the opportunity to ‘try-and-buy’ continues to remain relevant for most.