New Kantar services enable marketers to enhance their own data via direct integration with TGI

11 July 2019

Kantar has today announced the launch of new services which will for the first time allow marketers to directly integrate their own datasets with TGI consumer data, enabling greatly enhanced audience profiling for campaign planning and digital media activation. The services comprise both the integration of TGI segments into other Kantar client surveys and the enrichment of clients’ own first party datasets via direct TGI data integrations.

TGI consumer data is already used by hundreds of media agencies, media owners and brands as the currency for media planning and buying thanks to its unique breadth and depth. This new launch enables a whole new level of campaign planning through the direct integration of audience profiles into client planning and buying activities, representing a dramatic enhancement in the value of TGI consumer data to the UK media industry.

The new services are built upon a rich database that blends the depth of Kantar’s Great Britain TGI consumer data with the huge scale offered by its online high-volume Profiles panel service. This high quality scaling enables TGI consumer data to be efficiently connected to other client first party data.

Mark Inskip, CEO, Media Division, UK & Ireland at Kantar comments: “Through these new services marketers benefit from a deep and consistent understanding of their target groups, including connections to clients’ own data. This helps them to better profile and target specific audiences, achieving a level of campaign planning and activation far beyond what has previously been possible.”

These services will be rolled out to Kantar’s global footprint throughout 2019 and beyond.


To find out more about these services, please get in touch.

Notes to Editors


Kantar’s new capability is enabled by a high-quality statistical fusion methodology of Kantar’s TGI Consumer Data onto its large-scale Profiles panel. The result of this fusion is that rich media and consumer profiles are modelled across the full Profiles panel population – allowing these attributes to be easily appended to the data collected from other panellist profiling surveys. As a result of permissioned matches with our trusted partners, these same profiles can be directly integrated with client-owned data sets, providing an additional layer of target-group understanding.