News Monitoring & Evaluation
Stay on top of your profile across all media channels and measure impact and performance with timely and trusted data.

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We monitor print, broadcast, online news and social media channels, 24/7, and combine artificial intelligence with human expertise to ensure the data is reliable and arrives quickly. We help marketing, communications, corporate affairs and PR teams to understand their profile, and measure the impact of their activities.

Key features

Clear picture on your profile

Get coverage across online, broadcast (TV, radio), print and social media. See who is saying what, and where, in real time.

Alerts and a competitive edge

Compare your coverage with competitors. Get alerts on the topics and issues you care most about, and be more responsive.

Performance analysis

Select from metrics and KPIs (volume, AVE, reach, media impact score, sentiment, etc.) to create personalised dashboards.

More information

Promote and protect your reputation, monitor your competitors’ activities, deal effectively with crises management and demonstrate your media strategy performance. We provide trusted and timely insights on industry news and your media profile to help you understand how your brand and message resonate with consumers and influencers, to drive value and loyalty.

Get key, timely insights to understand your clients’ brand reputation and gather intelligence on your clients’ competitive position. By using trusted insights, we enable PR agencies to deliver compelling analysis and recommendations. Increase your own client satisfaction and drive business growth.
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5 steps to a smarter communications strategy

Get the insights to inform your strategy.
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