Accelerated Answers
Flexible quick-turn survey solutions designed to get you answers when you need them.

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Talk to real people and collect the answers you need quickly, in a way that works for you. Our survey solutions were created and are managed by industry experts with decades of online survey experience. Through fully managed project work and templated solutions, Kantar can provide the level of support you require for fast and consistent insights.

With Accelerated Answers, you can get answers fast and make decisions faster.

Key features

Surveys launched at speed

Send us your questions or build them yourself. See results from fully managed surveys in as few as 6 hours, or even faster with automated tools.

For any budget

Choose from competitive price packages based on survey length, turnaround time and project specifications.

Insights you can trust

Collect data quickly using the Kantar Profiles Network and our trusted first-party sources for quality and consistent data returns.

More information

Let our local experts manage the process for you. We’ll collect answers from real people in the moment you need them, so you don’t have to.

How it works:

  1. Choose a package: Select from a competitive price book based on survey length, turnaround time ad project specifications.
  2. Send us your ready questions: Kantar will set up and manage the process from start to finish.
  3. See results: Our team will deliver your tabulated data in as few as 6 hours.

Projects that could benefit from the efficiency of a templated design can be built in a custom portal and created explicitly for your brand. Your custom survey templates and unique sample frames will give you the flexibility and speed to execute repeat work, such as ad tests and brand evaluations, efficiently.

Automation cuts down more than 50% of the typical research process time. How?

  1. Streamline the questionnaire development, commissioning and survey programming process
  2. Utilise automated dashboard and tabulation tools to reduce data processing time
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