Helping Gatorade create strong digital assets

Through analysing over 100 ad executions, we gave Gatorade brand-specific creative parameters to help them create better online ads, quickly.


Like many advertisers in the digital age, Gatorade was challenged with the need to develop more content in less time, with no corresponding change in budget. They therefore wanted to learn more about what makes creative successful in the digital world.


We used Content Lab powered by LINK for digital to aggregate advert-level data across 101 ads and then identified meaningful creative elements which could help drive Gatorade online advertising performance in the future.


Each asset was classified on 18 unique creative elements (i.e. video length, type of athlete, etc..) to identify which specific elements were most responsible for driving each of Gatorade’s key KPIs (Breakthrough, Inspiration, ‘Performance’ messaging, and ‘Science’ messaging).


Gatorade now has brand-specific creative parameters to enable them to create better digital assets from the start. With the Content Lab structure in place, Gatorade has tested many new ads through the programme, expanding their ad comparison abilities and building up material for additional creative learning and exploration. 

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