Brands: Bolder, braver, better

Watch our panel discussion on how data and measurement can help brands be bolder in their marketing.
13 December 2019
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We recently sat down with industry leaders to discuss how data and measurement can help brands be bolder and braver in their marketing – exploring the dream, the reality and the opportunity. Looking at how data, digital capabilities, targeting and measurement are integrated into different organisations, participants discuss how to help brands solve challenges, improve consumer experience and increase trust in digital – a topic thoroughly examined in Kantar’s DIMENSION report.

Panellists include Alejandro Betancourt, Latin America Brand Ops, Capability and Communications Leader, P&G, Jo Bray, Head of Brand & Marketing, Cancer Research UK and Davey Strachan, Head of Digital Delivery, Shell International in a conversation led by Louise Ainsworth, EMEA CEO, Media Division, Kantar.

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