This is a “do moment” for brands

Brands that fail to take action in this moment are setting themselves up for failure.
25 June 2020
J Walker Smith
Walker Smith

Knowledge Lead, North America

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Kantar provides objective consumer insights and foresights to guide brands through the good times and the hard times. As we draw from decades of US MONITOR consumer insights, it is clear that brands no longer have the option to look the other way. Brands are inherently in the consensus business; they are always looking for things that bring people together and that create a unified franchise, irrespective of other differences. The biggest brands are the most inclusive, and this moment in time needs a lot more of exactly what brands do best.

In the accompanying video, Kantar’s Chief Knowledge Officer J. Walker Smith says that right now is a "do moment." Brands can take many actions, small or large, some better than others, many with uncertain outcomes, and nearly all uncomfortable. But inaction stands alone in assuring the poorest outcomes. Walker's "listen, learn, do" framework provides guidance on how brands can take the necessary steps to lead and contribute to the greater public and societal good.

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