Webinar series: COVID-19 impact on Indonesian attitudes and behaviours

Learn what changes brands and marketers need to make to account for changing consumer behaviour in Indonesia.
indonesian webinar COVID-19 ramadan

It is a highly uncertain time for both consumers and brands as the COVID-19 outbreak has already forced significant behavioural changes. When was the last time 75% of Indonesians spent most of their time at home? What would these unprecedent changes lead to? How will behaviours change over the next few months? What would be the underlying anxieties and attitudinal changes?

Webinar 2: What is different in Ramadan 2020?

Muslims are facing a different Ramadan in 2020 by the shadow of COVID-19 outbreak. Restrictions on social interactions and the need to stay at home mean that Indonesian Muslims need to find new & unique ways to observe and celebrate the holy month.

Ramadan is a very important month for a majority of Indonesians and it is also a good indicator of likely future impact of current changes. Our webinar revealed the changes and assess which change are temporary due to COVID-19 and which are likely to persist in the future.

Watch the webinar here, on how COVID-19 impacts the way Indonesian Muslims experience the holy month and celebrate Eid.

Download the presentation here.

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Webinar 1: How should Indonesian brands react?

Join our experts: Nadya Ardianti, Adisti Bramanti, Plaban Mohanty, Karthik Narayan, and Adji Saputro, as they share COVID-19 impact to Indonesia market and how brands should react:

  • Learning from China (as the first market affected by COVID-19 and come out of it), and what similarity and difference we can expect in Indonesia.
  • How are Indonesians feeling? What differentiates them from other neighbouring countries?
  • How are we shopping now and how is it likely to change?
  • How brands should react.
  • What signals about brands should we be monitoring even closely now?
  • What tone & manner would be appropriate for your advertising now?
  • What types of innovation should brands be looking at?
  • Should I cut media spend? and more.

Watch the webinar here.

Download the presentation here.

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