Webinar series: The impact of COVID-19 on French consumers and brands

This webinar series will allow you to understand the crucial issues affecting France: the sociological, consumer, marketing and media impacts of coronavirus.
01 June 2020
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Gaëlle Le Floch
Le Floch

Strategic Insight Director, France

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Watch this series of webinars, on demand, for the exclusive results of our global COVID-19 Barometer, and the impact of these findings for brands in France. Do not miss the insights, advice and views of our leading experts.

Webinar 1 

  • Teachings from China 
    How did the most powerful brands react in China? What advice can they give us, a few weeks ahead of France?
  • Sociological and political context in France 
    How do individuals/citizens react? How do the French welcome public and political actions?
  • Consumers and adaptation logic 
    How do consumption and shopping behaviours adjust? What was the impact on French spending? How do consumers react to your categories? How do we distinguish short-term adaptation from the sustainable trend? 
  • Brand strategies 
    How do brands adapt their communication strategies, media investments, content, social conversations?

Our hope is that, through this Barometer associated with Kantar's continuous data (media, panels, social media, etc.), to help brands manage the short-term effects but also, and above all, long-term changes (including digital habits) that occur as a result of this planetary pandemic.

The webinar will be mostly in French, but some interviews will be in English.

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Webinar 2: New shopping behaviour of shoppers

How are home shopping and consumption behaviours adjusting? What is the impact on French household spending? What are the consumer reactions to your categories or markets? How do you distinguish short-term adaptation and more sustainable trends?

  • Brand communication: what strategies are being implemented? 
    How have brands adapted their communication strategies? What are the emerging performance criteria? What is the impact on advertising investments?
  • Confined but connected: the daily life of consumers through social networks 
    What are the main themes and representations posted? Banking case study: the reactions to brand actions, and the impact for brands.
  • Take the pulse of consumers in real time 
    Quickpoll: Want to test an idea? Get to know your consumers better? Kantar offers you one COVID-19 question from 1,000 interviewees (Quickpoll test conditions presented during the webinar).

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Webinar 3: Sociological and political context

How do the French understand the challenges of confinement / the end of confinement? How much confidence do they place in messages from public authorities? We will present the results of wave 2 of our exclusive G7 Citizen Impact survey.

  • Strategy for reclaiming the media space in confinement 
    How is the media space reinvested by the confined French? Which media do these audiences consume more or less? Has the range of media widened, or concentrated on the media of predilection? What are the transfers from one media to another; what is complementary? We invite you to discover the re-composition of the media space of French people in confinement thanks to exclusive data from TGI.
  • Adaptation and expectations of French people towards brands 
    Presentation of the significant developments of the third wave of the COVID-19 Barometer.
  • New behaviour of shoppers 
    How to distinguish short-term adaptation and more sustainable trends in shoppers' purchasing behaviour? How is FMCG doing? What about private labels, promotions, prices ...?
  • Influence marketing in confinement 
    What has become of influencers with the health crisis?
  • Prepare for post-confinement using virtual reality 
    How to prepare for post-containment during containment?
  • Post-confinement scenarios 
    Deconfinement is just one step in the COVID-19 crisis. Economic uncertainties, maintenance of strict sanitary rules, let us project ourselves into the possible scenarios of a post-containment world and the consequences for businesses

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Webinar 4


This fourth webinar will allow you to understand the crucial issues affecting France: the sociological, consumer, marketing and media impacts of coronavirus.

  • Societal context
    Living with COVID-19: what do the French need to be reassured about?                  
  • COVID-19 Barometer (wave 4)
    What are the priorities in the post-crisis phase for the different populations? What segments are emerging for brands? What actions should you implement?                 
  • French shoppers: FMCG
    Consumption during containment: impacts on markets, brands and consumers. Discover the new behaviour of shoppers.
  • French shoppers: Fashion
    Impact of COVID-19 on the fashion market.
  • Media advertising activity
    The COVID-19 impact on the advertising market, from the period of confinement to the first weeks of deconfinement.
  • To go further with Kantar
    The issues we are currently thinking about, and examples of actions to take in the short and medium term: what questions to ask by integrating consumer, shoppers and human data, allowing you to make the most relevant decisions in order to structure your sales and marketing plans in the coming months.

The content and presentation is in French.

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