Out Now: Vietnam’s Insight Handbook 2019

Consumer trends and behaviours in Vietnam, and how these trends correlate with economic growth and development.
03 April 2019

General Manager - Vietnam

Designed to keep you abreast of 2019’s consumer trends and behaviours, as well as explaining how these trends correlate with economic growth and development, Vietnam’s fourth annual Insight Handbook is out. As market players continue to vie for dominance, the need to understand and capture the interest of buyers has never been more apparent. A rapidly changing digital environment is having a big impact and can cause markets to become more volatile. For this reason, manufacturers, retailers and investors have a strong incentive to capture deep-rooted insights into the trends of the most influential groups of consumers, particularly the Millennials, but also the Centennials, and the growing senior population.

This is the goal of Vietnam’s Insight Handbook: to bestow a comprehensive study of the markets, trends, segments, products, and methods that will augment brands and manufacturers’ intuitive business sense and send them in the right investment directions. Whether it be branding, marketing through social media, promoting data-driven customer experiences, addressing privacy concerns, or blending offline with e-commerce, this fourth edition handbook highlights the ways both manufacturers and retailers should think, make ethical decisions, and communicate.

Because the variety of business concerns and interests sometimes conflict, Kantar’s tips and insights will support you through the difficult decisions you need to make. It is our hope that this handbook will support your business’s continued growth, bringing value to your stakeholders, customers, and the wider community.

For more in-depth insight and analysis, download the e-book.