The beverage evolution: Winning in a changing US market

The beverage market has evolved rapidly over the last three decades specially in the US.
Drinking straws

Business Development Director, New York

It has never moved as quickly as it does today. With a plethora of new brands available and with them, new categories emerge and existing category lines blur.

This has been driven by consumers, demanding more and more from every occasion. We’ve moved beyond physical functionality benefits like taste, thirst and fluid replenishment, to a more sophisticated level of needs.

Behind every beverage consumption choice there are specific benefits that consumers are seeking to meet their needs in the moment. The key to success in this ever crowding market is for manufacturers to make sure they are asking themselves three important questions:

  • Who is my true competitor?
  • What mindset are we targeting?
  • Is my product messaging relevant today?

Trends don’t happen overnight but fads do come and go. We invite you to take learnings from the trends over the last 30 years to understand how consumer needs have truly evolved. This way, brands and manufacturers can identify real opportunities for growth and avoid getting caught in a fad.

Our expert Sophie Crole went through the main findings in a webinar that can be watched on demand. Watch it and hear in more detail how and why the beverage market has evolved in the US, and identify potential levers for growth. You can also download the report.