Global Privacy Landscape 2020

Data protection is a global phenomenon, but how privacy is viewed depends on where you reside in the world.
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Privacy Landscape 2020
Jessica Santos
Santos, Ph.D

Global Compliance and Quality Director, Health Division

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Changes in the privacy landscape continue to gain speed around the world, but how privacy is viewed still depends on where you reside. Privacy is often regarded as a human right in Europe, a commodity (for business) or protection (for consumers) in the United States, and a state interest in countries such as Russia and China.

While data protection today is clearly a global phenomenon, Europe's GDPR, aimed to be a comprehensive law with multilateral protection, is experiencing fragmentation in its adoption. Meanwhile, in the United States, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), with its fair share of complexities, has ignited a controversial debate about how to approach CCPA's broad definition of 'sale'.

Nonetheless, the year 2020 will foster landmark change in privacy, as new legislation will become enforceable in Brazil, Bahrain, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Jersey, New Zealand, Peru, Serbia, Uruguay, Bosnia & Herzegovina, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia and Paraguay.

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