China Social Media Landscape Whitepaper 2018

A Social Media Landscape infographic to summarise the current status of China’s social media development.
china social media landscape

Since 2008, Kantar has analysed the development of social media in China, continuously exploring social media dynamics and trends to provide valuable insights.

This year, Kantar produced an up-to-date Social Media Landscape infographic to summarise the current status and insights of China’s social media development.

In three chapters, we outline the core characteristics of current social media in China from various vantage points and provide new ways of thinking about brand marketing. Our main purpose is to provide a comprehensive analysis of three key dimensions ——media, user, and brand.

  • Part One: Social media platforms have evolved from their previous functionally oriented structures. The new ‘ecosystem’ is based on user relationships and how platform content is generated and expressed as core and derivative social media platforms.
  • Part Two: With advances in technology, social media users have also transformed, moving beyond common users and opinion leaders. AI (Artificial Intelligence) has also entered through the roles of AI partner or AI celebrity and is demonstrating its influence in the social business environment.
  • Part Three: We analyse how brands can improve performance by using social marketing and how they can create 360-degree experiences for their users by building ‘Brand Experience Circles’ and harnessing the interactivity of social media platforms.

Download the whitepaper.