How can storytelling unlock positive change?

The power of storytelling in communicating sustainability lies in its ability to connect people on an emotional level, making complex concepts and issues relatable and accessible.
22 May 2023
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Join Jonathan Hall in this week's episode as he sits down with AY Young, a singer-songwriter, sustainability advocate, the founder of the Battery Tour

AY and Jonathan talk about the power of storytelling in communicating sustainability. AY shares his belief that when people genuinely connect with the realities of sustainability, they automatically become more proactive in their daily lives. This connection extends to their choices regarding consumption, purchases, and even their beliefs. AY underscores the crucial role of effective communication as the catalyst for making sustainability tangible and relatable. He shares that by showcasing genuine passion and aligning it with a clear mission, ‘we can collectively and authentically foster a mindset of positive change.’

Highlighting that sustainability is no longer solely a global issue; it has become our collective responsibility. By coming together, sharing our experiences, and collectively thinking and acting, we can drive meaningful progress toward a sustainable future. The Battery Tour is a global movement that harnesses the power of music to inspire and engage people in #sustainable solutions and #cleanenergy. AY Young, recognized as a Young Leader for the SDGs by the United Nations, uses his platform to influence positively.

Through his innovative solar-powered concerts, AY raises awareness about sustainable electricity and funds for developing and distributing portable solar batteries in underprivileged areas lacking reliable power sources. His passion for music, sustainability, and entrepreneurship drives his journey to change the world positively.

Join us in this episode as AY Young shares his vision of a sustainable future, clean energy's transformative potential, and the importance of connecting everyone to what truly matters.

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