Sustainable Futures: Whose job is it to bring Purpose and Sustainability together?

In this episode Jonathan and his guests talk about the role of marketing in businesses sustainable transformation.
16 February 2023
Whose job is it to bring Purpose and Sustainability together?
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Welcome to Part Two of our Sustainable Futures podcast episode on Purpose. Jonathan Hall is joined again by Dr Victoria Huth, a Pracademic working across academia and practice for the last 20 years; Jeremy Schwartz, Chairman of Kantar’s Sustainable Transformation Practice; and Ozlem Senturk, senior partner of global sustainable transformation practice at Kantar.

In Part One we asked whether Purpose had had its day; here we tackle the knotty challenge of linking Purpose to Sustainability goals and the role of Marketing in delivering this. In this episode we explore the need for a multi-stakeholder perspective in understanding the holistic value chain, the evolving role of marketing as a strategic value generator, and the critical importance of the CEO in driving change. We also discuss the role of innovation in driving system change and redefining consumption, and the opportunity for marketing to play a key role as a change agent within organizations.

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Sustainable Futures is the sustainability podcast from Kantar. In each of our episodes, we speak with senior experts from a wide variety of disciplines to bring broad understanding to complex topic areas and shine a light on the most pressing sustainability issues facing business and marketing. All designed to help marketers create sustainable futures for your brands and business.

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