Sustainable Futures: Unleashing potential: the power of social business accelerators

Explore the impactful collaboration between Reckitt and Yunus Social Business, empowering social entrepreneurs through their accelerator program for a sustainable future, in our latest podcast episode.
28 June 2023
Unleashing potential: the power of social business accelerators
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In this week's episode, Jonathan Hall hosts a discussion with Hamzah Sarwar, the Global Social Impact and Partnerships Director at Reckitt, and Monika Frech, the Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer at Yunus Social Business. The episode focuses on their involvement in social impact initiatives and collaboration on the accelerator program. Yunus Social Business's accelerator program aims to empower social entrepreneurs in the global south by collaborating closely with corporations, providing resources and integration into corporate value chains.

Monika emphasises the growing trend of impact accelerators and how corporations actively foster social businesses, combining profit and purpose.

Hamzah talks to the critical role of business in driving systems change – and how the Fight for Access fund has been designed to help make access to health, hygiene and nutrition a right, not a privilege.

The collaboration between Reckitt and Yunus Social Business leverages corporate resources and talent to amplify and nurture social businesses. The conversation explores the concrete steps of the accelerator program, including needs assessments, program objectives, selection of social entrepreneurs, support, mentorship, and evaluation of program impact.

The episode offers transformative insights on driving social change while achieving business success.

*Yunus Social Business works globally to create and develop sustainable social businesses that address various social issues, such as poverty, unemployment, healthcare, education, and environmental sustainability. The organisation supports social entrepreneurs by offering funding, mentoring, and access to networks and resources.

*Reckitt (officially known as Reckitt Benckiser Group) is a multinational consumer goods company specialising in health, hygiene, and home products, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of well-known brands such as Dettol, and Lysol.


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