Audience measurement: The future is hybrid

As we celebrate World TV days, let's take a look at current TV audience measurements...
21 November 2017
audience hybrid
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Today, on Tuesday, November 21st, broadcasters are celebrating World TV Day - an opportunity to take stock of current TV audience measurements.

How can we accurately measure TV audiences– and how can we join all the different sources together, offline and online?

“The audience measurement systems of the future will be based on hybrid measurement”, said John Gill, Product Director, Audience Measurement at Kantar, who spoke at the latest 2017 World Audiences Summit from Kantar in Miami.

Today, the challenge is to enable hybrid measurement of TV audiences by focusing on three areas:

  • Enhancing panel measurement of TV viewing beyond the traditional panel-based measurement. Integrating different measurement systems, such as core panel, return path data and out of home data, to adequately represent real views by individuals.
  • Measuring online viewing. How can we combine panel and census data to measure online viewing, given that – contrary to TV broadcast - the same online (often on demand) content is not viewed by everybody at the same time?
  • Adding people to return path data. How can we model people data onto device level measurement?


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